News of two foreign journalists missing in Saudi Arabia

first_imgConfirmation of Farhaneh’s detention by the Saudi authorities was obtained a month ago. A Jordanian journalist in his 60s, Farhaneh went missing on 22 February in the eastern city of Dammam, where he had been based for more than 30 years. He wrote for Al Jazeera until Riyadh broke off diplomatic relations with Doha. He also covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Saudi ArabiaJordanYemenMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesProtecting journalists DisappearancesImprisoned Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has obtained confirmation that the Saudi authorities are holding Marwan Al Muraisi, a Yemeni journalist missing in Saudi Arabia since June 2018, and Abdel Rahman Farhaneh, a Jordanian journalist who disappeared in the east of the country in February of this year. Follow the news on Middle East – North Africa Iran: Press freedom violations recounted in real time January 2020 RSF joins Middle East and North Africa coalition to combat digital surveillance News RSF was one of the signatories of a letter in September 2018 that called on the Saudi authorities to shed light on his status. June 11, 2021 Find out more June 8, 2021 Find out more May 20, 2019 News of two foreign journalists missing in Saudi Arabia June 9, 2021 Find out more Muraisi’s wife reported in a tweet that she had finally received a phone call from him lasting several minutes. It was the first time he was able to contact any family member in the more than 11 months since his disappearance. She said he was able to confirm that he was still alive but not say where he was being held. Help by sharing this information center_img RSF_en As is the case with Muraisi, it is still not known where Farhaneh is being held. According to the information obtained by RSF, his family learned that the Jordanian embassy had been told by the Saudi authorities that he would be released “soon.” The family interpreted this as recognition by the Saudi authorities that they are holding him. No precise date has been given for his release. News News Iran is stepping up pressure on journalists, including foreign journalists, in run-up to election Organisation Following the blogger Hatoon Al-Fassi’s recent provisional release, RSF continues to call for the release of 29 other detained journalists and bloggers. At least two journalists are still missing in Saudi Arabia, which is ranked 172nd out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2019 World Press Freedom Inde. to go further News Receive email alerts Saudi ArabiaJordanYemenMiddle East – North Africa Condemning abusesProtecting journalists DisappearancesImprisoned last_img read more

This week in Esports: ESL and Emirates partner, Liquid renew partnerships and Injustice 2…

first_imgIn esports terms it has been a somewhat quiet week. We’ve not had any multi-million dollar investments from traditional sports but that’s not to say there hasn’t been some great activity in the space. ESL’s partnership with Emirates Airlines grabs the headlines whilst Liquid has welcomed Ballistix as a partner and renewed with Alienware. Interestingly, Warner Bros. announced its esports plans for Injustice 2 before the title was even released. Credit: ESLESL soaring with Emirates partnershipThe partnership between ESL and Emirates Airlines will see esports content at flight passengers fingertips. The partnership initially runs until June 2018, with every Emirates flight in its network of 150 destinations being kitted out with on-demand esports content on the inflight entertainment systems. Whether it be Dota 2, Starcraft II, League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there’s a plethora of ESL action for spectators to view on flights. It’s a great move from ESL, now there’s no need to watch tedious TV shows when there’s always esports available. Read the full article here.Liquid join up with Ballistix and renew with AlienwareThe latest company to partner with esports juggernaut Team Liquid is Ballistix Gaming. Ballistix Gaming creates PC ‘performance memory’ products focused on the needs of high end gaming.  As such, Liquid’s rosters across StarCraft, League, Hearthstone, CS:GO, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter, Halo, and Overwatch will all directly benefit from the sponsorship. Ballistix joins the likes of Monster, HyperX, NeedForSeat, crunchyroll, Alienware, Razer and more as sponsors of the team. Liquid also renewed their six year partnership with Alienware earlier this week so it’s been a good week for the organisation. Read the full Ballistix article here.Read the full Alienware article here.Warner Bros. reveal esports program before Injustice 2 is even releasedWarner Bros. have partnered with ESL, Gamelta, GameStop and Playstation 4 to bring a series of tournaments ultimately culminating in the Pro Series Finals. The Pro Series begins on May 26th at Combo Breaker in Chicago, and will end with the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals in mid-to-late September. The full schedule can be found here. There’s details of the Injustice 2- Path to Pro which will be run by ESL for a European audience. The Latin American league is set to be run by Gamelta and for the North American audience they’ve tailored the tournament significantly. The partnership with Gamestop will see a series of local events (following online qualifiers) held in Gamestop shops around the USA. The Latin American league is open to Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru with each country having a separate portal with details of their tournament. Read the full article here.last_img read more

Lions return to Great Karoo

first_imgLions disappeared from the Karoo in the 19th century, but have now returned,thanks to a Sanparks project that aims to re-establish the predator-prey balance.(Image: Luke Harwood)  MEDIA CONTACTS • Megan Taplin, Sanparksregional communications manager+27 83 650 8649 RELATED ARTICLES • Black rhinos return to Serengeti • 10-year plan to save Africa’s chimps • Wildlife poachers to be taken down • Call of the wild at Sabi Sand• SA gets new coastal conservancyJanine ErasmusEarlier in November 2010 a pride of eight lions was released into the Karoo National Park, marking the return of the free-ranging big cats to the area after an absence of 170 years.The four adults – two males and two females – and four cubs gained their freedom after a two-month stay in an enclosure in the park, where they adapted to their new environment.The 90 000ha Karoo National Park is managed by South African National Parks (Sanparks), the national parks authority. Sanparks introduced lions back into the park with the aim of re-establishing the large predator-based ecosystem that once existed.The lions will also boost tourism to the area and are expected to add some excitement to the usual atmosphere of tranquillity.According to Sanparks’ regional GM Lucius Moolman, the lions, as well as other activities such as 4×4 trails, will tempt visitors to extend their stay in the Karoo National Park from the usual one-night stopover to a two- or three-night holiday. Sanparks reports that lions were once widespread in the area, and that the last of the magnificent beasts was shot and killed at the nearby small town of Leeu-Gamka in 1842.Sanparks also suggests that the number of farm and river names based on the word “lion” is further evidence that the cats once roamed free across the land.The names of the area’s two main rivers, the Leeu and Gamka, are derived from the Afrikaans and ǀXam words respectively for lion. ǀXam is an extinct Khoisan language, also used for the South African national motto ǃke e: ǀxarra ǁke (diverse people unite).The new Karoo lions come from the Addo Elephant National Park in the Eastern Cape, where the predators were successfully introduced in 2003. Those animals, in turn, were taken from Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park stock and were selected for the Karoo because of their genetic similarity to the Cape lions of old, and because they are free of disease.Visitors need not fear for their safety – low-level electric fences now surround the rest camp, its reception area, swimming pool and camp site, and the popular fossil trail. A lion-proof fence has been installed around the entire perimeter of the park to prevent the predators from wandering into neighbouring farms.Tracking collars around the animals’ necks will allow Sanparks to monitor their movements closely and observe their choice of habitat and prey.Great plainsThe Karoo National Park is located in the Great Karoo, the vast arid region of South Africa that extends over an area of 400 000 square kilometres in the interior of the country. The Karoo proper, South Africa’s largest ecosystem, is sub-divided into the Little Karoo in the south and the Great Karoo in the north, which was at one time in the distant past covered by a glacier.The San Bushmen wandered the great plains for hundreds of years, along with herds of antelope, zebra and other large mammals, and it wasn’t until the beginning of the 19th century that Europeans ventured into the interior. Once the Westerners had taken over, sheep and cattle eventually replaced the wild animals, which led to a drastic depletion of grass cover.The Karoo was also the setting for violent clashes between the forces of the English and the Afrikaners during the second Anglo-Boer War of 1899 – 1902. Remnants of the conflict are still visible, mainly in the form of blockhouses scattered throughout the region.Today sheep farming is still the region’s primary economic driver, but tourism is on the rise.Diversity of wildlifeProclaimed in 1979, the Karoo National Park is situated on the N1 route between Cape Town and the interior, near the town of Beaufort West. Visitors travel to see not only the park’s spectacular scenery, but also the variety of creatures which have adapted to the harsh environment.Many of the animals found here today, such as the vulnerable Cape mountain zebra and the critically endangered black rhino, are those which were once driven out by farmers and have made their way back to their original habitats.The park boasts a diverse range of birdlife, such as the booted and black eagles, rock kestrel, and Namaqua sandgrouse. It’s also home to a rich variety of reptiles, including tortoises, chameleons, geckos, skinks, snakes and one species of monitor lizard.The Karoo lions will not go hungry, with some 1 500 gemsbok, 1 400 red hartebeest, 400 eland, 700 kudu and 600 ostrich resident in the park. Sanparks estimates that the park will currently be able to sustain up to 20 lions.Since 1987 the Karoo National Park has been the scene of the Quagga selective breeding project, which attempts to bring back the extinct quagga, a sub-species of the plains zebra, by selective breeding with plains zebra stock. Quaggas – unusual brownish, partly striped zebras – were wiped out by hunters during the 19th century, and the last mare died in 1883 at the Amsterdam Zoo.last_img read more

SA, Equatorial Guinea eye more trade

first_img8 February 2013 Deputy Trade and Industry Minister Elizabeth Thabethe is optimistic that South Africa and Equatorial Guinea have room for increased trade and investment. Thabethe was speaking on her return to South Africa on Thursday following a four-day outward trade and investment mission to Equatorial Guinea, where she led a business delegation comprising representatives from 13 South African companies. “In my short stay in Equatorial Guinea, I was mostly impressed by the multiple infrastructural development projects that they have undertaken,” Thabethe said. “I could determine from observing the state of their road infrastructure, the buildings and electricity network that this is a healthy economy with abundant opportunities.” During her trip, Thabethe held discussions with the country’s minister of mines, Gabriel Mbaga Obiang, on possible collaboration in the sector. The minister said Equatorial Guinea would be sending a delegation to South Africa to engage relevant industry stakeholders. “I am confident that from the business-to-business interactions that took place during the mission, and the intelligence gathered from presentations and the site visits, [that] we are in a better position to achieve our goal of establishing new markets and increasing the flow of trade between the two countries.” Thabethe’s visit was a follow-up to a state visit by Equatorial Guinea President Teodore Nguema Mbasogo to South Africa in 2011. Source: read more

Losing Isn’t a Sales Style

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now What does it mean to have a “style” of selling?Most of the time, the word “style” indicates an unwillingness to do what is necessary and instead do what is easier, something that can’t easily be called a “style” as much as ineffective choices. Other times, the person who suggests they have a “style” communicates the idea that they believe that the general principles and good practices don’t apply to them or their industry, often saying that their client or industry is so different that none of what works in sales would work for them.Not At All a StyleNot prospecting isn’t a “style” decision. Suggesting that your clients don’t want to speak to a salesperson unless and until they are interested in buying from them is to believe that those same clients already know what they don’t know and are already making the right decision in every area of their business. Waiting like a rain barrel isn’t a style.Not scheduling meetings because prospects don’t like to meet with salespeople and using email as your primary sales communication channel isn’t a “style,” it’s mostly a weak and ineffective decision. Why would someone who won’t even meet with you decide to buy from you?Not possessing enough business acumen to command a conversation with the contacts who make decisions around your category isn’t a “style.” It’s an inability to create value for your clients. Maybe it is your style to start with eight slides that pitch your company’s history, your client’s logos, and your solutions, but that style is how you prove you are selling a commodity and you believe you lack the depth to consult.Might Be a StyleIf by “style” you mean being authentic, that might be another thing. Maybe you have a great sense of humor, and your ability to bring levity to the sales conversations compels your clients to prefer to work with you.Maybe “style” means that you have deep insights and are excellent at creating a conversation around change that causes people to explore doing something different. Perhaps your style is serious in a vertical where serious works.Maybe you have fast rapport skills, and your ability to connect is what allows you to help people explore new ideas because they immediately trust you (I have a sister who has this ability and uses it to great effect, while also being directive and consultative).What is not a style is refusing to accept reality or the general principles of good salesmanship. If what you do doesn’t work, change it.last_img read more

24 days agoWATCH: Barcelona B whiz Alex Collado hits stunning individual goal

first_imgWATCH: Barcelona B whiz Alex Collado hits stunning individual goalby Carlos Volcano24 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveAlex Collado is pushing for a fresh first team chance at Barcelona.The 20 year-old winger is starring for Barca B and scored a wonder goal on the weekend against Atlético Levante.Collado made his senior debut last season against Celta Vigo and is rated highly by Barca coach Ernesto Valverde.In July of last year he signed a contract until 2021 with a buyout clause of €50m while he is a B player – which will rise to €100m when he is promoted to the first team. About the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Video: Young Boston College Fan Has Some Interesting Dance Moves

first_imgYoung Boston College fan's dance goes viral.Boston College’s women’s basketball team fell 86-68 to No. 9 Florida State yesterday, but the action on the court paled in comparison to the dance moves exhibited by a young BC fan in the stands. Check out the determination on his face:This kid deserves a lot of props. His boys are cracking up at first but he shows no insecurity or shyness. He’s just trying to break it down, and he even gets the kid in the orange shirt to join in at the end.There’s only one thing left for this young man to do. He must battle dancing UVA girl for ACC supremacy. Someone has to make this happen.last_img read more

How Isaiah Thomas The Shortest Guy In The NBA Became Unstoppable

Just when we thought we’d seen all Isaiah Thomas could do, the diminutive Celtics star found yet another level Tuesday, scoring 53 on his late sister’s birthday to give Boston a 2-0 second-round series lead over the Wizards.The million-dollar question: How? How does a guy who’s 5-foot-9, who nearly averaged 29 points per game during the regular season, continue to wreck defenses so mightily in a playoff setting when defenses are hellbent on neutralizing him?The simple answer is that Thomas and his coaching staff have found ways to make Thomas virtually unguardable within Boston’s offensive scheme; especially since Brad Stevens tweaked his lineup in the middle of the first round, a move that gave Thomas more space to navigate.Stevens all but eliminated Amir Johnson from the rotation, meaning Al Horford is now soaking up a ton of minutes as the team’s lone post player on the court. That switch forces defenses to guard an extra Celtic along the perimeter, which is already a tough task, since Horford is also a good shooter. With opponents stretched that thin, Thomas can make use of his game-changing quickness.That’s especially the case in handoff scenarios, where the floor general can generate a full head of steam while his man is trying to play catch-up from behind. Thomas took more handoffs than any other player in the NBA this past regular season, with 216 plays of this nature according to Synergy Sports. And he’s only gotten better at them in the last few weeks. He has scored on 56 percent of his handoffs since the playoffs began, up from 47 percent during the season. (This would’ve been the NBA’s highest mark during the regular season among players with at least 100 handoffs.)Having Horford as the lone Celtics big helps Thomas’s handoff game immensely. Thomas — the league’s most-blocked player — has been able to get his shots off more cleanly with fewer players in the paint.1Thomas’s shots have only been blocked 6 percent of the time with Horford on the court and Johnson off; he’s been blocked 13 percent of the time when Horford and Johnson are on the floor together, according to NBA Wowy, which tracks advanced statistics across different lineup groupings. What’s more, Thomas’s newfound space has left defenders without a clear way to defend him.After receiving a handoff, he’s a nightmare on the perimeter because of all the different options he has at his disposal. Watch how reluctant Wizards star John Wall is to chase Thomas around the screen here. He doesn’t want to risk barreling into Thomas, who is one of the league’s best players at stopping abruptly once he’s turned the corner in order to draw a 3-point shooting foul.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.In the paint, Washington’s bigs have been just as concerned about how to play Thomas. Stand too far back, and you risk Thomas scoring from midrange, where he is an effective, albeit inconsistent2Thomas’s successful midrange attempts, on average, had far less arc on them than his midrange misses this past season. The 1.03 foot difference was the widest disparity in the NBA among players who took at least 100 midrange shots, according to an analysis run by SportVU at FiveThirtyEight’s request. shooter. Play too far up, and he’ll use a burst of quickness to beat you to the rim, where he’s armed with an array of twists and tricks that help him compensate for his lack of height.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Trapping Thomas with two defenders as he comes around screens is one option for opposing defenses. But Stevens’s lineup switch, which has the Celtics looking more like the Houston Rockets because of how many threes they’re taking, makes that option a more dangerous choice because an unguarded Celtic shooter is now more likely to be found on the perimeter.All of which helps explain why the Wizards have had no answer for how to guard the shortest man on the court. That Thomas is really good also helps. read more