Sony adds Ultimate Editions to PSN

first_imgI’ve stopped buying console games on release day for the majority of new titles. The main reason is not to save some cash, it’s because I know a few months after release the game will most likely be re-released with all the DLC on the disc. Ultimately you get the same game with a lot more content for the same price, or possibly slightly cheaper than the original release.Sony has today introduced a new set of “Ultimate Editions” to the PlayStation Store that make the decision to wait to buy even easier. Each Ultimate Edition takes a popular PS3 game and bundles it with all the DLC ever released. And until June 4 Sony is knocking 30% off the price of these games, or 50% off if you are a PlayStation Plus member.The games initially available in Ultimate Edition form include (prices quoted are the 30% discount and for PS Plus members respectively):BioShock 2 ($27.99/$19.59)Call of Duty: Black Ops ($66.49/$46.54)InFamous 2 ($33.99/$23.79)L.A. Noire ($27.99/$19.59)Mafia II ($20.99/$14.69)Just Cause 2 ($20.99/$14.69)Mortal Kombat ($50.49/$35.34)Red Dead Redemption ($27.99/$19.59)MotorStorm Apocalypse ($34.99/$24.49)Anyone considering purchasing one or more of these Ultimate Editions will have to ensure they have a lot of free hard drive space available on their PS3. Some of those titles will include some large downloads, so get ready for a long wait too depending on your connection speed.As PS Plus members get an extra 20% discount it might be worth signing up for 3 months if you don’t currently subscribe. That will cost you $17.99, but two or three Ultimate Edition purchases will more than recoup that with the extra discount on offer.Read more at PlayStation.Bloglast_img read more