Chen Ji the weight of love Shanghai would reduce the foreign domain name suffix

It can be seen from figure

want to talk about today is the weight, love Shanghai to reduce external suffixes, which I guess love "in Shanghai to list stations, second make adjustments" in the Bo algorithm, may be reduced the weight fraction of

A5 wrote in a "guess love Shanghai to stand group and second make adjustment" the Bo algorithm, then some people doubt my views, or even abuse I write the article is placed in P. I am here for those who do not dare to imagine, analysis ability of the station 3 minutes of silence. read more

How can we really do the optimization work site two

two is in the video content on the website to do creative, creative video content often can bring to the site more value and increase the PV value of the site, imagine your website through video let users continuously enter the page click visit, this is not a description of your site is worth more than the same industry the website value from? Can make the search engine on your site to pay attention, so as to improve the user experience of the website, improve website ranking.

is a website in the picture content in more efforts, focus on the Internet friends will find many pictures now development site had more than a pure text content of the site, from this point we can see that an increasing proportion of pictures in the search engine for the more important, and these images is the key to the original, there are introduced and spiders crawl, a very simple example: if your site is one of the Terracotta Army’s tourism website, website in addition to text content monotonous outside should add some interesting pictures of the original Terracotta Army? Which is currently lacking in many webmaster. read more