2016 Qingdao college students entrepreneurial elite BEST program officially launched

2015 is coming to an end, in 2016 the business plan is also ready to open. The day before the start of Qingdao City 2016 elite BEST Collegiate Business Plan, more and more college students’ innovation platform will be built next year, the promotion of College Students’ entrepreneurship.

11 29, 2016 Qingdao college students entrepreneurial elite BEST program (hereinafter referred to as BEST program) launching ceremony and entrepreneurship exchange held in Haier road talent market. Deputy Minister of Qingdao Municipal Organization Department, director of the Qingdao municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau Ji Min, deputy director of the Group CEO Huaren century Zhu Xu and other government and enterprises responsible person to attend the ceremony, Ocean University of China Party committee deputy secretary Zhang Jing was invited to attend and speak on behalf of universities.

Zhang Jing success on the 2015 BEST plan and congratulate the winning team, and introduced the innovation and entrepreneurship education in Ocean University of China. She said, Ocean University of China by optimizing the layout of disciplines, improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system, deepening the reform of personnel training mode, the innovation and entrepreneurship education throughout the whole process of talent training; through the integration of resources, and actively promote the construction of Laoshan campus incubator, many students ways to build a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship practice; through the establishment of business service station, hiring business the instructors, strengthen guidance and help to promote entrepreneurship incubator project. The students’ innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiasm rising, only the first half of 2015 with 15 registered enterprises increased by 50% compared to the year 2014, involved in the field of marine +, industrial design, Internet plus, new energy and environmental protection etc..

It is reported that the

, business exchange is Qingdao city university students off action in one of the series of activities on the road, is also a concrete action to implement the Qingdao municipal government, the construction of the "three hit" city. Through such activities, colleges and universities to establish the depth of cooperation with the government and enterprises play their respective advantages, discover and cultivate high-quality entrepreneurial projects, forming a more positive entrepreneurial atmosphere and good for creating culture, public entrepreneurship, innovation training force.

in such a strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, will effectively improve the success rate of entrepreneurship. If you want to start a business, make a plan. Concerned about the social entrepreneurship support activities, so that your entrepreneurial career multiplier.

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