Entrepreneurship must first plan

a lot of people want to go this way, but entrepreneurship is not to say, I want to start a business, I have money on it, so that most of the business will not be successful. The ancients said, do not fight the battle unprepared, everything ready, good planning, it is easier to succeed. Now in order to better out of the business, to a greater extent to ensure the success of the business, the first time to take the time to sharpen the knife, to carry out a simple analysis of entrepreneurship and planning!

The core

so is the first venture industry is not set, everyone has a gene, all want to do. But the key is to do something, there is nothing to do.

what is karma? Garbage is industry, examination is industry, industry itself is not a problem, the problem is the entrepreneur with what kind of mental state to do is how to adapt to the industry. Entrepreneurship, it should be a kind of belief, this belief is that entrepreneurs do not have to do this thing, and entrepreneurs always want to do it well. At the same time, the industry is a stick, no matter what happens, whether it is the financial tsunami, or snow disaster, can not give up their own business. Even if you finally fall repeatedly countless times, the heart must adhere to the cause of love.

The second is "a

". What is the concept of innovation, innovation is actually a scratch, from weak to strong, from immature to mature development process.

The concept of



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