2016 Anhui top 100 enterprises in Wuhu have selected the top 11 companies

in the process of economic development, for the specific economic strength of the enterprise, each year will be related to the evaluation, on the one hand is the audit of enterprise achievements this year, on the other hand is to understand the specific economy. Recently, the Anhui Federation of enterprises in Hefei released the 2016 Anhui top 100 list. Anhui Conch Group Co., Ltd. operating income of 93 billion 70 million yuan, continue to rank the top 100 enterprises in the province of the second. In addition, Anhui conch group in 2015 to achieve a profit of 7 billion 977 million yuan, accounting for about 100% of the total profit of the company’s profits of $1/4.

hundred finalists threshold revenue 3 billion 379 million yuan

it is reported that the Anhui Provincial Federation of enterprises to carry out the ranking and release of hundred enterprises, is already twelfth years, has become a symbol of Anhui industrial restructuring, corporate restructuring and upgrading. 2016 Anhui top 100 list, is based on the annual operating income of the company as a statistical standard, comprehensive assessment to determine the 2015. List of listed companies operating income of over ten billion yuan this year reached 36. Hundred enterprises finalists threshold of 3 billion 379 million yuan, an increase of 6.73% over last year.

Anhui 2016 "top 100" list in the top 10 are: Tongling nonferrous metals, Anhui conch group, China Railway four Bureau, Huaibei mining group, Maanshan, JAC, LINPO Electronic Technology (Hefei) company, Huainan mining, Hefei 100, Anhui construction.

conch accounted for 100% of corporate profits 1/4

2016 Anhui enterprises in the top 100 enterprises, total revenue is declining, with a total operating income of $1 trillion and 453 billion 915 million, down 1.6% year on year in. Profit is still the first place in the enterprise is still Conch Group Co., Ltd., 7 billion 977 million yuan, accounting for the total profit of all hundred enterprises of 30 billion 542 million yuan of 26%. At the same time, the province’s top 100 list, the number of loss making enterprises and the amount of loss is increased.

this year, the province’s total tax reduction hundred enterprises, the total tax amount of 74 billion 952 million yuan, down by 20%. It is worth noting that last year’s largest tax in Anhui tobacco company did not declare the hundred this year, the indicators have affected.

Wuhu 11 companies among the province’s top

is reported that Wuhu has 11 companies among the top 2016 enterprises in Anhui, the top 100". The total revenue of these 11 companies was 185 billion 600 million yuan, accounting for 100% of the province’s top 100 enterprises revenue of $12.77%. Wuhu ranked second in the number of top 100 enterprises, second only to Hefei.

2016 Anhui top 100 enterprises, Wuhu has more than 11 companies selected

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