Do you know why your customers lose

food filled with the entire market, large and small restaurants everywhere, in the face of this fierce market competition environment, many restaurants do not seem to know what tricks can be used to get a meal. In fact, for the restaurant, in the final analysis, the nature of the product, in addition to the dishes taste, the following aspects are also important factors.

1, during the peak dining hours, do you have a welcome at your restaurant?

2, do you have any non – fee items in your restaurant? Such as the guests on the table, such as charges (although it can be returned, but does not indicate that the project will allow consumers to eat a meal in a bad mood.)

3, guests at dinner, whether there are employees holding the mood or things that hinder the diners in the restaurant? Such as holding a bucket, etc. This way through the dining area, not only affect the consumer dining, but also allow consumers to eat greatly reduced mood, but also shows the restaurant staff training loopholes.

4, whether there are a lot of guests can not eat a lot of food, and the waiter failed to remind the phenomenon?

5, there is room for the guests, the restaurant will be written in the name of the guest room door, so that people at a glance?

6, waiter serving tray completely use it?

7, if there is a reservation, if there is any reservation position, Taiwan has yet to set the phenomenon?

8, do you take the initiative to greet the guests?

9, when the guests have opinions or questions, ask the waiter, the staff is courteous guest? (ignoring guests is the greatest disrespect to guests)

10, when people leave the restaurant, whether or not the rush hour, there are people to open the door?

11, whether the beverage varieties, dishes more varieties?

12, such as landing glass, glass is clean? (dust and grease stains can affect the mood of the meal)

13, is your restaurant clean? (if there is a conspicuous place at the entrance of the paper, cleaning tools, etc.)

14, do you have any company staff, restaurant staff in the dining room, walking back and forth in the lobby? Whether it’s the general manager or the foreman, it’s extremely bad to call in a business suit during the business hours

15, do you have any loopholes in the promotion of your restaurant manager? (may bring complaints)

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