What are the prerequisites for online business Business

is now the continuous progress of the , so that many people like to buy things from the Internet, driven by the continuous development of the Internet business, many entrepreneurs want to venture online. The seven essential conditions of the Internet business, you do not have to care about these, this is only the experience we have started, perhaps only our problems, there are our views on these issues.

1. team: the concept of common recognition + exclusive skills + character of the people

the idea is not to say, there is no unified goal is best not to venture, or to the back or to split up. Exclusive skills, team collaboration, technology is the foundation of the website, if the technology is very weak, it is best not to start, otherwise can not be y expressed in the idea, delay the progress of the project, the most important for the start-up time, means and opportunity cost, web project development, the best start 2or3 +1 art, initial what will happen to the development is not important, don’t think the next 5 years, 10 years, you know we have no chance to survive the first half of the year. Technology is best to have a relatively strong architect, the product is the core of the site, you need to look at how to develop the basic framework of the future.

2. products: value + Innovation

3. mentality: time to operate

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