Dalian CCGF food health prohibited bulk food Approach

food safety get more people’s attention, each people all want to be able to eat healthy food, the only way to make their own health. Food packaging is closely related to food safety. At the Dalian Expo, it is strictly prohibited to enter the meeting room without packaging.

in March 15th this year, the 2017 annual "315 international consumer goods (Dalian) Fair" opened the curtain. As the first set of credit threshold of consumer goods fair in Northeast China, the Consumer Fair exhibitors threshold to upgrade again, strict control of the quality of food packaging, refused to approach naked selling bulk food".

according to the 315 (Dalian) consumer Expo Organizing Committee, with the opening of the exhibition countdown, currently more than 90% booths have been booked. Among them, including 321 exhibitors for the exhibition industry for the past 10 years, as well as a number of foreign exhibitors and exhibitors for the first time to participate in the exhibition.

"in the discussion of food safety issues, the importance of food packaging is often overlooked." Organizing Committee of the relevant person in charge of the Expo, in fact, as food, personal clothing, packaging has become an integral part of the food is inseparable, directly related to product quality and safety. As the health status can not be effectively protected, bulk food has been the focus of domestic food safety regulation. This year’s Dalian consumer Expo clearly stated, in addition to the bulk of agricultural products in addition to the packaging of food or substandard goods exhibitors.

food packaging, can let people do eat, get more popular, become the focus of public attention, only strictly grasp the health and safety of food, will allow more people to eat healthy, eat at ease, this is strictly related to the interests of the masses, to give people more at ease.

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