Bone join website selection delicacy snacks blame the wealth of life a of win win

delicious food, always has the choice of market development space. How about bone monster? Delicious snacks, rich business opportunities for good choice. Bone monster snacks to join the project, it is worth my attention and choose the best entrepreneurial projects!

bone monster snacks!

from the time when he graduated from scratch, from now on, the owner of the bone bone monster snack shop, the total assets of over 700 thousand yuan, he spent only a year and a half. May 2013, Zhang Yunlong’s first bone monster snack shop opened in Chongqing Guanyin Bridge. 2 months, Zhang Yunlong through the surrounding leaflets marketing, sales will rise from $500 per day to $2500 per day, and he earned a profit of $50%.

3 months later, Zhang Yunlong’s second bone monster snack shop opened in the University city. Then in the vicinity of colleges and universities have also appeared in the franchise. Until now, the 25 year old has a home store. It took only a year and a half to make about 500000.

bone monster snacks? Entrepreneurship good choice

bone blame snack location is very flexible and can be operated in 3-5 square meters, commercial street, pedestrian street, residential areas, schools and other areas can be either stalls shop, shop, shop in shop or store, can bring you more wealth.

bone snack stores can be self blame, can be carried out in cooperation with the sales of restaurants, cinemas, convenience stores and supermarkets, expanding distribution outlets, business like a rolling snowball, follow orders, wealth is a trend which cannot be halted.

delicious food, always very attractive to join the eye. The bone is good "strange snacks to join the project for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is the best choice of the market hot! So, what are you hesitating about?

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