North heavy air pollution control

away from the haze, to create a clear water and blue sky ecological circle, is the wish of every citizen. To promote the comprehensive management of air pollution strictly, since this year, north of the city zone in the comprehensive management of air pollution, the lower the heavy illness to focus on remediation of the area of construction sites, road dust, coal smoke pollution, air pollution and resolutely removed a stumbling block.

it is understood that this year, the North District Environmental Protection Department of the area 70 construction site 110 project department, 13 demolition site according to the "five 100%" requirements for investigation, as of now, the 50 is not up to the requirements of construction site downtime, issued rectification notice, ordered deadline rectification in place; strengthen the Ning the road, Qaidam road cleaning and mechanical cleaning efforts, invested 4 million 280 thousand yuan to purchase sprinkler and cleaner, on urban roads, urban road, Beijiexiaoxiang sprinkler dust; banned within the jurisdiction of 23 small coal processing enterprises, banned 9 large-scale coal heap locations; strengthen the district supervise and monitor the operation of corporate pollution facilities, dragnet investigation on the area of small and medium-sized enterprises, a total investigation of 173 enterprises.

this year, the north of the city will be in the construction site to achieve all five 100% work objectives, serious dust pollution and refused to rectification, will take a fine, Guan Ting, exposure and other measures. In addition, will also regulate coal establishments, reducing coal dust pollution, strengthening of the two level coal trading market supervision, control the quality, quantity and supply channels, accelerate the removal of coal yard. Management of catering industry of coal smoke pollution, the area of the restaurant industry, do not implement the fume prevention measures and does not meet the energy requirements of catering units, industry and commerce, the health department shall not issue the relevant business license, and supervise the rectification.


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