Hand in hand together the Datong Village Construction in urban and rural areas

– Xining evening news agency actively participate in Datong County "military enterprises build a model village"

since the military enterprises build a model village "activities, the Xining evening news agency, the City Property Bureau, the Municipal Tourism Bureau, the Municipal Planning Bureau, the Municipal Construction Committee and other units directly under the municipal government to seriously implement the provincial enterprises build a model village" spirit, the spirit of "do our best" principle, to actively participate in the "military enterprises in Datong County build a model village" activities, a strong impetus to the construction of new countryside demonstration village contact point.

Xining evening news agency repeatedly into the twinning village of Changning town of Bao Village to understand the village situation, research guidance and work, according to the actual situation of Bao Xi, for solving the village activities, fitness equipment, basketball of the set, at present has been put in place. To the shops along the road and uneven phenomenon, invest 6000 yuan for the village unified custom door billboards, improve the village environment along the highway. The advertising plaque is installed in late July is expected to be installed.

Liang Quan Cun "teach the country for military enterprises is building demonstration village" activities and poverty relocation project was vigorously helping contact point unit Xining City Planning Bureau , to solve the planning costs 300 thousand yuan for the treatment of springs, and signed the agreement to help fund 150 thousand yuan, send a gift "for the treatment of Quan Cun build activities and relocation project, the current 300 thousand yuan fee plan in place.

Dong Xia Zhen yamen Village is located in the national Forest Park kite ditch and Tibetan Buddhist shrines Guanghui Temple scenic area, Xining City Tourism Bureau fully functional advantages, for yamen Village twinning village tourism development to try out ideas, actively raise funds for 100 thousand yuan, parking lot and other infrastructure construction Guanghui temple at the entrance of Mongolian Tibetan the tourist road signs, tourist toilets, 1000 square meters, the village to promote industrial development, improve the village appearance output luster.

According to the actual situation of

twinning Cun Xie Gou Xiang Xiao Ba Cun industry, Xining City Real Estate Board for the village, invested 50 thousand yuan to solve the wall decoration for the village construction activities as pressing danger.

, the Xining Municipal Construction Committee several in-depth twinning the Liang Jiao Xiang Dong Gou cun coal, research to guide the work to build the village, to the difficulties in understanding, for the village, helping 50 thousand yuan worth of 50 thousand brick block, 116 tons of cement, for the village renovation, building and building up the wall. Recent municipal construction committee plans to help the value of 50 thousand yuan of goods, for the village to solve part of the funding gap. ()


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