Fight the highlight to go in front is the general requirements

February 5th afternoon, the city’s two sessions has just concluded, the mayor Wang Yubo chaired a plenary meeting of the municipal government, the implementation of the Provincial Committee, the two sessions spirit, the deployment of key tasks throughout the year. Wang Yubo stressed that the work should be more morale, work to see more problems. Results turn over, the problem still needs to face, endless struggle. In 2015, we face the task of various, heavy, according to the important instructions of the provincial Party committee and government leaders of Xining work and important requirements, according to the Deputy Secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun fight, go ahead, catch the highlights of the general requirements, go all out to fight the "four tough", to "six highlights", "five in the forefront, struggling to forge ahead in the pursuit of new show under the new normal and as new.

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