Focus on 3 15 Readers

the majority of consumers holiday – 3· 15 will come. This year 3· 15 of the theme is consumption and responsibility


over the years, through the joint efforts of consumers, operators, law enforcement, our consumer ring

environment has been greatly improved, consumers, operators have a greater sense of responsibility. But at the same time I

also soberly aware that our consumer environment is still a lot of unsatisfactory, consumers

legitimate rights and interests have been violated when things happen, consumers, operators and even law enforcement officials need to

further improve.

for this, by 3· 15 coming opportunity, Xining evening news will be opened "attention 3· 15" column, to build

fees, operators, law enforcement interaction platform, such as consumers in the past year was unfair treatment;

operators in the operation of the integrity of what confusion; law enforcement in the process of the implementation of any problems can be

call us. We also hope that these people and the majority of readers on the construction of good faith, fair and harmonious consumption

environment, and how to really do their own responsibility to talk about the views, suggestions.


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