FRST Film Festival tour Xining Railway Station with light and warm heart

Into the November after successive precipitation, so that the ancient city of Xining into the early winter. But no matter when there will always be a kind of power to moisten the film lovers heart deep love. Xining as the home of the FIRST Youth Film Festival, and "FIRST" has an indissoluble bond. July every year from all over the world, to Qinghai point of the wild film, movie lovers, will give the industry a small shock. "Active show" 2015FIRST youth film winter tour organizers, is FIRST in the second half of a screenings throughout the city, the local fans of the curatorial efforts, the tour started with the fans in the summer to the bookstore to meet in November 1st.

the tour from November 1st to 8, four cm field, has a total of eight film screenings, the cumulative viewing number reached more than and 200 people. In the green tour of the film are the ninth FIRST Youth Film Festival finalists, award-winning works, the activities of the four. The movie Tour theme and style, reveals all the contemporary youth of the charm of the film, both as a "farewell" as the narrative mood calm, thin flow of warmth; there are also such as "destiny express" as the rhythm of the compact, script skilled, interesting strong narrative film; film "to" is concerned the lack of faith in the works.

in the big screen there is always a group of people who love movies quietly watch, they not only love the movie story, more persistent in the movie atmosphere, enjoy light blend to bring their different inner experience. The movie is life, it is a lot of worldly phenomena for watching how the movie seemed to experience how much personal life. The painful choice of reality and love, the fatherly man, his eyes had tears, that affection…… Good movies can be seen at the crossroads to guide people to the right path of life,

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