Chengdong District Committee held the thirteen plenary meeting of the new east of the city ready to

January 11th, the city of Xining City District Committee held the thirteen plenary session of the four. This streamlined, pragmatic meeting to convey a lot of new signals this year Eastern work.

11 at the beginning of the meeting at 3 p.m.. The concise text printed materials, participants get longer with pen and paper bag, simply installed in a large leather envelope, four items of the agenda of the meeting schedule is very compact. It is reported that this year, East District will be in the "Suntech, harmony, power, progressive" development concept, continue to do all the work, focusing on project construction, protect people’s livelihood, industrial development and other fields to do some new projects, for the eastern changes in a year than a year.

a new: 1236 development of a new pattern

this meeting is a highlight of the East District proposed 1236 development pattern. That is, a shaft to Bayi Road traffic hub axis; two core: to the train station and a passenger business Chinese (Xining) International Halal Industrial Park as the two core; three zones: in the north and south of the two mountain and Huangshui River as the link, the green barrier to the development of modern ecological agriculture and animal husbandry industries; six areas: in the State Road, Dongguan, Cao Zhai, train station, Dongchuan Industrial Park, Phoenix Mountain as the focus area. This pattern is precisely with the province’s "three zones" strategy and the "new two" goal of integration, the role of the east gate to the extreme.

two new: New China’s largest halal Industrial Park

this year, the East will be arranged 140 construction projects, plans to invest $8 billion 632 million during the year, which is the most watched China (Xining) International Halal industrial park. It is reported that the halal Industrial Park project in this area to rhyme ieguchi Tu Autonomous County, Tang River basin construction, to halal food and supplies the light industry in the construction of key projects, the industrial park and the national culture, tourism, convention and exhibition industry, local characteristic industry, modern manufacturing industry, ecological construction, the new rural community closely together, the park to become China’s largest collection of halal food products R & D, design, production and processing, wholesale sales, exhibition Expo, bonded export integration center, become our province Circular Demonstration Park, green industrial park, science and technology innovation park and ecological livable Park pilot area.

three: revocation of street office building new community

is worth mentioning, as Xining city "the city’s grassroots reform pilot area", this year the city will cancel the East Street office, the formation of new communities, by reducing the service level of management, promote decentralization, strengthen grassroots power integration of basic resources, improve service efficiency, enhance service, management, community coagulation function.

at the same time, to promote the integration of urban and rural construction, this year east district made a bold decision, is the region’s 15 villages from the office of the streets out, all placed under the unified management of rhyme home town, and actively explore the new rural community construction and the reform of the household registration system, peasant household registration reform will lose the land for urban residents account "the farm;

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