nstitutions began to complete the cash

Reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that, in accordance with national requirements and the deployment of the provincial government, provincial people club hall with the Provincial Department of Finance organized the implementation of the province’s institutions to adjust the basic wage, increase retirement costs, up to now, the organs and institutions of the province’s 90 provincial units and 8 the city state’s capital cash wage adjustment work completed, nearly 300 thousand people benefit.It is reported that the

, P., strong policy, involving a wide range, high degree of social concern, the province actively take effective measures to ensure their work, work, the smooth implementation of cash as soon as possible. Early deployment to ensure timely delivery. The state approved the measures for the implementation of our province increased, according to the national requirements of capital and cash as soon as possible the provincial government ahead of other provinces in advance on the capital deployment, in June the Provincial People Club hall held the province began training business, as the arrangements for training will be in the form of exchange of information industry, the wages of business staff of city county and provincial units of training, requiring all localities and departments to measure and audit. At the beginning of July, the provincial agency office in the provincial financial department held a wage adjustment province institutions will be deployed in various localities, departments and financial departments at all levels of community, proposed work requirements, work tasks and work discipline, a clear time node and complete the inspection requirements. At the same time, all localities and departments in accordance with the requirements, the timely deployment of special forces, focusing on human and material resources, overtime, pay close attention to carry out the reform of the set of calculations, capital approval and cash. Department of human resources and social audit strict checkpoints, along with the report with the grant, shorten the approval cycle, speed up the progress of the examination and approval. The financial sector is actively funding, timely appropriated funds needed to protect their.

in the wage increase work, all localities and departments to promote the work as a serious discipline, an important means to ensure the implementation of the strict implementation of the provisions of the provincial government and the requirements of the implementation of the province’s unification policy. Provincial Department of human resources and social work to adjust the work of tracking and understanding, at any time to understand the various regions and departments work progress, the implementation of the problem in the course of the implementation of the standard, timely and appropriate solution.

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