Help enterprises to adjust the structure of steady growth of thousands of cadres in the enterprise X

Xining city actively carry out the "help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment" activities, the city’s more than 1000 cadres of more than 3 thousand small and micro enterprises, to help them find problems, ideas, policies, raise funds, sent to the city, ideas, active service enterprises, Small and micro businesses, concerned about the atmosphere help the development of enterprises is strong, a number of influence enterprise production development difficulties and problems will be gradually solved, effectively boosted confidence in the development of enterprises, the development of small and micro enterprises to further improve the environment, the overall situation was good.

, a reporter from the Xining Municipal Economic Commission was informed that more than two months, under the correct leadership of the provincial government, the municipal government attach great importance to the various departments of Xining City, functional advantages, combined with the county enterprise’s own characteristics, make concerted efforts, the city’s more than 1000 cadres more than 3 thousand small and micro enterprises, policy, capital, think of ways to implement, promote effect, the city’s conscientiously implement the benefits of enterprise policy, coordination of business loans. 1-9 months, the city’s financial institutions to increase the balance of small and micro enterprise loans 3 billion 756 million yuan. For 84 small and micro enterprises to implement the loan of $520 million. Financial support, the implementation of various types of small and micro enterprises to support funds 330 million yuan. Another more than and 80 have declared all kinds of small and micro enterprise development funds are tracking the implementation of the project. By the end of September, the IRS to reach the starting point of the value added tax of 35 thousand and 100 self-employed from tax 45 million 900 thousand yuan, the new office of 5895 households Small and micro businesses and the self-employed exemption fee for 125 thousand yuan, 4365 of households Small and micro businesses shall be exempted from the invoice fee of 2 million 286 thousand yuan. City land tax bureau for 1462 small and micro enterprises exempt from tax of $3 million 691 thousand. The city has more than 300 party and government cadres and small and micro enterprise accounting staff has held the party and government cadres financial knowledge training courses, small business accounting standards training phase three; launched the enterprise construction project remote public welfare training project. Through various efforts, Small and micro businesses from the relaxation of market access, reduce business costs, efficient handling of enterprise registration, business support and other aspects of the implementation of measures to help increase business development efforts, this year the newly registered enterprises 2166.

at the same time, the work of the various districts and counties have their own characteristics. Chengdong district focus on helping enterprises according to the characteristics of the industry is divided into 15 units, focused on research, has now completed 124 enterprises research; according to the characteristics of the industry set up city area industry, finance, agriculture and animal husbandry production, three parks, five working groups, has now completed 252 enterprises research; according to the actual number of service area in west area the enterprise, to the community for the cell, including films, including the community helping to carry out work, has now completed 1031 enterprises research; Chengbei district according to the administrative divisions set up two town of three office five working group has completed the first batch of 270 key enterprises in research work; Datong County of "full coverage" principle, has been basically completed 1200 research; Huangzhong County, according to the actual area of enterprise is scattered, focus on the solution to the problem, has completed the first batch of 100 enterprises in Huangyuan county according to industry research; Industry, commerce, tourism, agriculture and animal husbandry;

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