llegal armed drug trafficking arrested the police arrested 3 suspects

8 14 am, a white MITSUBISHI car parked in the city of Xining, a hotel room in front of the building in front of the door. From wearing a black hat man down on the car, while at night, the man looked around, think what no abnormal, another man in the room of the joint quickly and already waiting in front of the building flower pool, after a simple conversation, two people in the car. Just when they are ready to drive away, the police had dispatched closely around to call a sure catch 3 suspects in the car, all captured, seized on the spot 16 packets of methamphetamine, imitation 64 pistol 1, bullet 2 hair and a number of drug tools.

"in the sale of new drug cases seized firearms, which is the first time in Xining, which has attracted the attention of the police in Xining." Investigators told reporters. It is understood that Xining West Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police on the one hand to do a good job during the Olympic security tasks, while actively looking for clues. In the Mopai investigation, an important clue to understand: in the major hotels in Xining, it is often a large number of drug trafficking, but also carry guns. Because the case is significant, caused by the public security organs at all levels attach great importance to, after nearly a month of careful investigation, successfully arrested 3 suspects.

at present, these 3 people have been under criminal detention, the case is further digging.


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