Xining city fire curtain performance yesterday

Flamboyant costumes, popular "flowers", melodious, happy tap dance…… The morning of February 17th, Taining garden festivals in Eastern District of Xining City premiere opened the Xining Shehuo performances of the curtain. This year, the fire performances held in the four staging area. At the beginning of the month is nine to the eleven is the city district, West District, North District Shehuo performances, performances of Xining stadium, located in the Lake District, the park, when the public can see the different style of performance. In February 21st (the twelve) to the fourteen rural, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Huangyuan County, Huangzhong county fire team in Taining garden, central square, sunning Plaza, Chaoyang Square a day of joy for the public four. (author: Ma Rong)

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