Ryan Lee, Sept. 14

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest I think we’re probably looking at the end of the week to roll. We welcomed the rain we got because the farm we have that is the closest to ready needed a little time to even out. The rain will help some of the later beans and it will help get them headed in the right direction. When you get a rain this time of year it always seems like it helps those beans turn a little faster. I don’t know if there is any science behind that or not. Maybe it is just because the rain knocks the leaves off.I don’t think the yields will be all that great this year — I am guessing below average. Some of our grain companies we deal with were interested in doing some yield checks and came out. I don’t think it will be a great year yield wise on corn. I am still hopeful for the beans. We’ll find out when we get to those later this week if it doesn’t rain.Unless we see ears dropping or stalks going down in the corn, we will probably stick with the beans once we start just because of our of our specialty beans we do. All of the bean bins are cleaned and ready to go.It looks to me like there is a lot more SDS out there than a lot of people thought. It has really revealed itself in the last three weeks. I have also seen fields hit pretty hard by frogeye as well.Our stalks aren’t quite mature yet. We got into this hot stretch and between the heat and the nitrogen deficiency, it seems like this corn is headed to maturity at a pretty quick pace.last_img

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