A hacker stole US83000 worth of bitcoin using a Canadian Internet provider

Researchers with a cyber security firm say they have uncovered that a hacker used access to a Canadian Internet provider to hijack large foreign networks, stealing more than US$83,000 in virtual currency.The U.S.-based Dell SecureWorks says the hacker operated between February and May this year.It’s alleged the hacker targeted hosting firms with servers that generate Bitcoin — including Amazon in the U.S. and OVH in France — and redirected some activity.SecureWorks says the hacker likely worked alone and was in Canada, and could be a former or then-current employee of the ISP.The firm did not name the ISP, but says the “malicious activity” stopped after it handed the ISP its findings.SecureWorks says it did not go to the Canadian authorities, and it is not known if the ISP has identified the hacker.

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