Watch the lunar eclipse you slept through last night

first_imgSo apparently getting to see a lunar eclipse is even harder than scoring a good Saturday night restaurant reservation in Manhattan. (What? Your only time is 2:41am? And the next availability on a solstice is in 500 years?!) In other words we don’t blame you for missing the eclipse last night, you weren’t alone. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see some of the stunning footage of what took place.If the video above isn’t enough for you, don’t worry, this was a heavily documented event. The HuffPo has some nice pictures up, like this one:AdChoices广告Here is another good video, zoomed out so you can get some context…Pretty cool, right? You can bet it would have been a lot more impressive in person, but if you slept through the event, weren’t in the right timezone, or your view was obscured by clouds, at least you have some idea what it looked like.Looking for some more background on the eclipse, why it’s important, and why the moon looks red? Bad Astronomy has worthwhile post up on the matter.last_img

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