Windows 10 through Windows 7 installed and upgraded on one machine

first_imgWhen I got my first PC it was a Hewlett Packard 486DX-66 running Windows 3.11. I have no recollection of ever having used Windows 1.0-3.0 as the computers we used at school were BBC Micros, so my home PC was my first Windows experience. This video is therefore both informative and a visual reminder of all the installs I went through since those early days.The Windows 95 installation is a very clear memory for me because it was so different. As the video shows, it had moved on from just using text to using graphics, differently formatted text, and window layouts. Add to that the fact the final operating system was also very different and I bet it’s a standout Windows memory for anyone who bought and used it.As the voice over guy in the video rightly points out, Microsoft should be commended for producing such a good upgrade path through the operating system versions. While the process doesn’t retain all the settings you make, the fact a single machine today can have all the upgrades applied with very few problems occurring is impressive. Managing to keep the two installed games in place for nearly 20 years also deserves recognition.With our continuing move towards using web-based services, spending most of our time online, and the forthcoming Chrome OS, you have to wonder how much longer Windows can keep being released and used in its current form. Will cloud-based operating systems eventually become dominant, or will Microsoft’s tried and tested offline OS see off all challengers and take us into the next decade?Read more at WinRumorslast_img

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