howto Tupperware Turret Offers Hours Of Enjoyment Hiding From Angry Coworkers

first_imgGetting tired of fellow office-workers bugging you at your desk? Chris over at PyroElectro put together the perfect solution for angry cubicle-dwellers like yourself. If you’ve got a spare airsoft gun, cake platter, TV remote and some electronics know-how, you can put together a remoted-controlled, fully-automatic airsoft turret. The device rotates and shoots pellets based on commands given to it from a distance using a standard remote control, all from the protection of a cake-tupperware shield. That said, the shield will only protect the turret; you pretty much have to deal with the people you shoot on your own.PyroElectro has a step-by-step tutorial you can follow on their site with instructions on how to build this little weapon of minimal destruction. However, the project is rated at “medium-hard” difficulty and takes about 11 hours to complete, according to the site. Proceed at your own (and others’) risk.[via Make, PyroElectro]last_img

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