11 Comics From Humble Bundle For a Geek Girl on Galentines

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. You Can Buy Epic Games Store Exclusives on HumbleWandersong’s Musical Might Goes Beyond Rhythm Games Galentine’s Day is here! Personally, this national holiday (shhh, a gal can dream) is the best for giving your favorite partners in crime some wondrous gifts from the heart. If you’re looking for gifts of the comic kind to give to your pal for this extraordinary day, Humble Bundle has released a fantastic way for you to gift some of these wonderous comics in their new bundle called Geek Gals.Humble Bundle: Geek Gals is a pay what you want, multi-format, DRM-free offer that supports Girls Who Code or publishers. They offer $311 worth of digital comics and books, some of which are comic trades. It’s a pretty sweet deal.Treat your favorite gal (or yourself. Treat Yo Self is all year round) with a collection of insanely dope comics that really spreads the love of friendship and geekness alike. Here are 11 of our favorite comics from the Humble Bundle package that we’ll treat our favorite gal or pal to for the season.Jonesy Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): Sam Humphries (A): Caitlin Rose Boyle (C): Mickey Quinn (L): Corey BreenJonesy is everything you’ll want in a comic and so much more. Jonesy is gifted with the power to make anyone fall in love. The sucky part is is that she isn’t allowed to use these powers on herself. That doesn’t stop Jonesy from using her powers to help out others, or at least she tries. Jonesy is a lovable and energetically cool look at a girl trying to figure herself out, as well as the world (and people) around her. With her pals Susan, Farid and her adorable ferret Rocky, Sam Humpries & Cailin Rose Boyle create an animated world that you’ll want to devour with your buds.Paper Girls Vol. 1 (Image Comics)(W): Brian K. Vaughan (A): Cliff Chiang (C): Matt Wilson (L): Jared K. FletcherIf you’re a fan of 80s flicks, Stranger Things, and mysteries that will have you saying “what is even happening?!”, this is definitely the comic for you. Brian K. Vaughan pens a story of four friends through childhood, first jobs, and budding friendship that wraps together in a mystery that you will never see coming. Paper Girls is a comic that I would recommend going in with little to no knowledge of what it entails. Vaughan’s writing has a certain mystique that leaves you holding on. With Cliff Chiang’s art, they’re an absolute dynamite duo that can do no wrong.via Image ComicsGoldie Vance Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): Hope Larson (A): Brittney Williams (C): Sarah Stern (L): Jim CampbellYour new favorite spy is here to win over your heart. The first time I read Goldie Vance, I immediately rushed the book over to my friends and begged them to go on mystery solving. We didn’t. They weirdly still love me. (This is based off an actual true story.) More to the point, Goldie Vance will melt your heart with it’s Nancy Drew, Harriet the Spy vibes. Hope Larson writes this comic with such heart, and you practically hear it beating through the pages. You’ll meet some amazing characters along the way that Goldie calls friends as they help her with cases. It’s a delightful story that takes the whodunit in a charming direction.Slam! Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): Pamela Ribon (A): Veronica Fish (C): Brittany Peer with Laura Langston (L): Jim CampbellNot to play favorites, but Slam! has got to be one of my favorite comics on this list. I’ve seen first hand what roller derby can do for a person and Pamela Ribon captures that feeling in her brilliant writing. She dives into friendships, rivalries and the game itself. You not only learn about the sport but Slam! is truly motivational. Robin teaches you how to take the hits, get back up on your skates and ride it out. With Veronica Fish’s ultra stellar art and Peer and Langston’s vibrant colors, Slam! is a comic that peers into friendship in a setting where the bond with your gals carry you along the way. (You may also want to join a derby team soon after reading. Just saying.)via BOOM! StudiosJem and the Holograms Vol. 1 (IDW)(W): Kelly Thompson (A): Sophie Campbell (C): M. Victoria Robado (L): Shawn Lee, Tom B. LongThis new revamped, rejuvenated version of Jem and the Holograms will be the highlight of any day. Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell keep the magic of Jem and the Holograms alive with music, friendship, and drama galore. One thing that sets this comic apart is the look of it. Kelly Thompson writes such a knockout story, but it’s Campbell’s art with Robado’s colors that steal the show. They create such gloriously detailed high fashion that pays homage to the past but knocks you out for whats coming in the future. If you want something stylish, chic and an all-around pleasure to read, Jem and the Holograms is truly outrageous. (*giggles to self*)Coady & The Creepies Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): Liz Prince (A): Amanda Kirk (C): Hannah Fisher (L): Jim CampbellOne comic that should be on everyone’s lips is Coady & The Creepies. It’s not only sheer punk rock but also displays the bond that sisters never truly die. Literally. Coady, Criss, and Corey form The Creepies, after an accident that leaves Criss paralyzed and Corey scarred, the band that lived should be okay to keep performing. Only one problem, Coady’s not exactly alive. The band is set on playing every gig in Pinmageddon as Coady tried to understand what’s happening to her. Liz Prince writes such a short, yet fantastic story about three sisters just doing what they love. Despite the accident, they carry on with some spooky adventures in tow.via BOOM! StudiosGiant Days Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): John Allison (A): Lissa Treiman (C): Whitney Cogar (L): Jim CampbellTo completely play favorites, Giant Days is one of my favorite comics of all time. Daisy, Susan, and Esther are the friends you may have now or wish you knew in college. John Allison writes a down-to-earth and hysterical sorta-kinda coming of age and slice of life story. After becoming fast friends, the girls live in a dorm together at the University of Sheffield. The girls go through many journeys individually including relationships, finding themselves, finding others, moving, classes and much much more. Giant Days continues to be one of those comics that serves you greatness at the highest of levels every time without stopping.Zodiac Starforce: By the Power of Astra (Dark Horse)(W): Kevin Panetta (A+L): Paulina Ganucheau (CA): Savanna GanucheauZodiac Starforce is the perfect balance of kickass magical fighting girls and super drama-bombs in one beautifully drawn comic. For fans of Sailor Moon and Power Rangers, Zodiac Starforce is something mystical, and magically that needs no introduction. Written by Kevin Panetta and drawn by Paulina Ganucheau, Emma and her friends must band together once again to figure out why monsters are starting to attack and how they can help Emma figure out whats happening to her. This uplifting character-driven comic proves that friendship is much more than just being a team, you become a family as well.Plutona Vol. 1  (Image Comics)(W): Jeff Lemire (A): Emi Lenox (C): Jordie Bellaire (L): Steve WandsThis one is probably the opposite of everything on this list. There is no happy ending. There is no shining spark. I’m incredibly happy that it’s in the bundle cause it’s a comic that’s beyond anything imaginable. Jeff Lemire and Emi Lenox create a dark, haunting and polarizing narrative that leaves you gripping at the pages till the end. When five kids discover a superhero seeming dead in the woods, their “friendship” is testing and what happens next is something you won’t see something. If you’re up for reading a heartwrenching coming-of-age that will change your perspective of the genre, Plutona is a painful yet wonderful reminder of being young, superheroes and the pains of growing up.via Image ComicsLumberjanes Vol. 1 (BOOM! Studios)(W): Shannon Watters, Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis (A): Brooke Allen (C): Maarta Laiho (L): Aubrey AieseOne BOOM! title comes to mind when you think of wilderness and friendship. Lumberjanes. This comic is still one of the coolest and longest running that unapologetically displays ladies doing awesome things with the power of friendship as a side-dish. Mysteries, puzzles and a whole lot of supernatural set this comic into overdrive as campers Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley are set to solve it all. In addition to the otherworldly and spooky, the comic is pretty darn funny, boosting with enthusiasm and wit for days. Be prepared for Lumberjanes to be your favorite thing ever and have you wishing Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types actually existed.Bitch Planet Vol. 1 (Image Comics)(W): Kelly Sue DeConnick (A): Valentine DeLandro (C): Cris Peter (L): Clayton CowlesI’m hoping that Bitch Planet gets picked up for a TV series one day because it will blow everyone’s minds. Bitch Planet, written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with art by Valentine DeLandro is a comic that really needs no introduction when introducing it to people. The title does it all for you. This comic takes place in a women’s prison in space that invokes so many of the wonderful exploitation film genre. Think 1970’s women in prison movies like The Big Doll House (1971), Women in Cages (1971), Black Mama, White Mama (1973) and so many more. DeConnick amps up her voice in this character-driven sci-fi comic to show what women can actually do. Strong women forever.The Humble Bundle: Geek Gal will be available for eight more days so you have time to get these and other wonderful comics in this bundle. Happy reading and happy Galentine’s Day! 😀center_img Stay on targetlast_img

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