Postgame Quotes Louisville at Florida State

first_imgOn Trent Forrest’s performance”He’s very consistent with his effort and his focus. There’s no doubt that he’s a leader on our team. I don’t think he made a basket in the first half, but I thought that he came out in the second half and he just tried to help us find a way to win. That shows that we’re a team that’s fighting. They’re dialed in, they’re communicating with each other, their body language is excellent. Phil Cofer wasn’t having one of his best games so we took him out, put RaiQuan [Gray] in. I thought that his effort there down the stretch and his leadership, he was being so verbal and calling out our defensive systems, that really made a difference down the stretch.” Louisville Head Coach Chris Mack Quotes On the difference in overtime”I thought it was our defense. We made adjustments because we were not shooting the ball very well from the perimeter. We spread the floor and started to take the ball to the basket, and we got some fouls and made our free throws down the stretch. In the first half, I was a little concerned, I think we shot 57 percent from the free throw line and in the second half it was 91. That’s a big difference. We were able to get the attempts. In the second half, with about 12-13 minutes to go, we were in the bonus, but we didn’t take advantage of it until the latter part of the game. We didn’t get the ball inside, we weren’t taking it to the basket very strongly, but because their defense was so solid, we changed our attack and started just driving the ball to the basket. I think that gave us a lot of opportunities to get to the foul line and also get a couple jumpers as well.” Mack’s Assessment of the Overtime Period”They just wore us down; we have guys playing a lot of minutes. Our offense the last six minutes of regulation and overtime, we got a shot, it was an earned shot. We shot a high enough percentage to win, but we gave up way too many possessions. When I say gave up, I mean Florida State has a lot to do with that. We have to do a better job of taking care of the ball and being stronger with it and getting open for our teammates.”  Print Friendly Version On the difficulty dealing with Florida State’s pressure”The cumulative effect, I thought we did a pretty good job. A lot of our turnovers early on were dead balls, then it became live ball turnovers and them picking you up and wearing you down. Having said that, with 1:40 left in the game, I thought we had the game in our hands. Not that it was a layup to win, we still had to do what we needed to do to come away with the win and we weren’t able to. Hats off to them for the way they finished and took the game.” Opening Statement”It’s one of those ball games that could’ve gone either way. I thought the second half we became a lot more aggressive on the defensive end and were able to force some turnovers that led to some opportunities that we just were not getting in the first half. I thought they [Louisville] did a very good job of executing in the first half and we had a hard time making shots in the first half. We shot the ball poorly from the three and I didn’t think that defensively we were dialed in. The second half I thought we came out a lot more locked into our defensive schemes, forced some turnovers, but then midway in the half Ryan [McMahon] came in and hit three three’s in a row and kind of put us back on our heels once again. We called time out and I thought our guys regrouped mentally from it. From then on, I thought that we showed a lot of character. Louisville is a very good basketball team. They’re hard to prepare for, they execute very well, they’re extremely patient. They move the ball and in the first half they really made it hard for us to force any turnovers. In the second half, I thought we just turned it up a notch, forced some turnovers and got some easy baskets and that really probably made the biggest difference in the game.”center_img Story Links Opening StatementThat one’s tough to swallow, I felt like for the better part of the game we did what we needed to do. We put ourselves in a position to win, have to give Florida State a lot of credit for their pressure, their relentlessness on the glass, that I thought we handled up until the last 6-7 minutes of the game and then overtime. If you’re going to beat the Seminoles, I think you need to do three things and we did one of the three. We kept them out of the lane, for the most part best we could. The ability to keep them off the glass and the ability to handle their pressure were our undoing. That thirty second stretch where we we’re up four about 1:40 left, tough to overcome. I have to give our guys credit, they never quit. I already knew that was going to happen, but we should’ve done a better job down the stretch to come out of here with a win. Very good team. On Mfiondu Kabengele’s performance the last few weeks”He’s growing and improving and I think he’s only scratched the surface of his potential. He’s really doing a nice job of being more and more confident. We’re putting him in a position where he has a chance to have some success. He’s really growing up and maturing and making good decisions with the ball and realizing the input he has on the team. He’s patient, he’s extremely aggressive, he’s not losing his aggressiveness, I just thing that the game is slowing down for him and he’s producing a lot better.” On preparing to face Mfiondu Kabengele “As a guy who would catch the ball and shoot, yes. Florida State has several really good players, he’s the guy that catches the ball on film, prior to this point, he’s just trying to get a shot off. We wanted to force him to dribble and I thought we did that. Have to give him credit, he got our bigs up in the air, we were undisciplined on shot fakes. Up and unders became two points and in the second half we did a better job on staying down on him. He’s a really good player, he might be their best offensive player, I don’t know Leonard would have a better idea. He’s very tough to guard.” On being a first time ACC coach and the challenges”The teams we play. The crowd didn’t turn the ball over, we did it to ourselves. It’s just basketball. I was a part of this league a long time ago when there were just nine teams in it and now there’s 412 teams in the league now. It’s a good league, with great coaches. You have to have amnesia when you play in this league, not worry about what happened and focus on the next game ahead. The challenges can become great. I have no doubt that my group will come back to work and ready to go. We’re going to need to, because we have to play the best team in the country.”Florida State Head Coach Leonard Hamilton Quoteslast_img

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