The three reason for the new station within a month to go beyond the old station ranking

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site outside the chain for the chain, stability and the best quality

spiders crawl the integrity and improve the new master program, and connected to the

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website also pursue the site outside the chain so much wrong, now the site outside the chain should be the pursuit of stability and quality, such as why my website to be able to seize the love of Shanghai ranked in a short period of time, my first site outside the chain is very stable, I will go to the A5 or Chinaz submission intervals of a few days, so in the invisible website increases the stability of the chain, help website rankings. Secondly, I choose the site is high weight, high PR site, do the chain no matter more or less can improve the quality of the chain site in these sites, the author suggests that no matter what type of website should be based on the stability and quality in the construction of the chain, less to the forum, go to the station.

site is the most simple WP, but when I was established on the site to insert a page with plug-in, after this website online website spider crawl guaranteed at least three points: one is the web crawl, promote website; two is the capture speed, the spider more >

the slow need to start early. believe most Adsense are heard, but this idiom has stumped many webmaster, how can Benniao first fly? This involves the head of the executive power. Most of the time our website is not able to go beyond the old site, also not to be search engine support, some specific behavior but webmaster affect the final development of the website, the author set up a new website, but 27 days ago, an index in the 300 words now occupy second love Shanghai I believe, webmaster friends will feel surprised, a new website is how to go beyond the old site of

original content is a must, if your website content even the original do not, there is no need to proceed to the next step, our website content is not only to do the original, should also do the following three points. A website is a content word, many webmaster have this feeling, some words in 300-500 words of love in Shanghai is now rarely included, and some words in 1000 words above can easily be loved in Shanghai included, we can see from the number of words included the importance, the author suggests personal website content a number of words should be at least 2000 words, if the team website, so it should be more than 1000 words in words. Two is the update time of website content, website content update time should be the search engine the most active time, so at night after 11 to second days before 5 in the morning is the best time to update. Three is the correlation between the understanding of the content, but the correlation is very simple, as long as one with the theme of the site or site relationship can be, not necessarily to the main content of related keywords.

Now if

content not only to the original, also look at the key words, the time, the correlation between

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