Observation and summary of future search engine adjustment direction may reach

I believe that the role of

third, the user’s search behavior will directly affect the website weight.

with love as everyone knows, Shanghai launched Scindapsus algorithm, Mars, pomegranate and so on a series of adjustment algorithm, the needless to say, is to purify the Internet air from various aspects, and vigorously support the intention to do the hard station webmaster, after adjustment for love Shanghai as an ordinary Shanghai dragon staff, how can we in keep up with the pace of future search engine, as soon as possible to adapt to search engine, I think it is very important in accordance with the standards of search engine, today the author’s own understanding and to optimize for their love of Shanghai to understand and share the future website optimization direction we should grasp what key points.

first, the quality of the chain will be again to new heights.

website, we call the most is the original, original content is indeed very important, but most of the time we write articles are standing in the search engine’s point of view to consider, as long as the original can be included on the OK, the result of this article is included, but the ranking? The content of the website you will not have a substantial help for the user, there is no authoritative brand of unique ideas, in this case a lot of authoritative brand too numerous to mention, the website can be said that almost no update, a week, a month, or even for a long time, but its rank and weight is unshakable. The main reason is that the content for user generated value, professional and authoritative website as long as a valuable thing will cause an uproar in the industry, more than Such as the recent Shanghai frequent love announcement, either on the content of the chain or spam, have caused no small waves in the industry, can build brand value in the industry’s own website search engine for the latter will give a higher weights website.

second, the website authority and brand factors will improve your weight to a great extent.

We are now in the

site outside the chain mainly includes two aspects, first, to provide access to our website and grab for search engine spiders, especially in the early online website, like the rest on its laurels, this time for a chain high weight will greatly increase the frequency of spiders to crawl the website, improve website exposure. Secondly, the chain can play a very good recommendation and vote, our website is a lot of platform quoted or reproduced the core is the proportion of voting will be strengthened and recognized by all means, we believe that nature is good, is really good, indirect level it caters to the search engine. Summary: through the above two I believe that before we try to find the chain site high weight platform, attract spiders crawl is the core. Later, other web site outside the chain to get more votes is the key to grasp the above two points, I think a lot to the number of the chain, do not pay attention to the quality of friends should pay attention to yourself every day, what is to do the chain.

this point the most obvious.

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