Medical website Shanghai dragon also useful it

first, because of the fierce competition, brand words have heat in the search engine very hot, a unique brand of words have been ranked several pages, a popular word is unthinkable. Therefore, those words and brand popular keywords is not easy to do in front of, especially for the new station is even more so. So, the long tail word coverage is another breakthrough. These long tail words were not chosen at random, need to be screened with the needs of users to search. For example, in some of the symptoms of the disease, certain symptoms of what is going on "," a certain symptom is what disease "and so on with the nature of the word is ask users search more, but the competition is not big, if included is normal, as long as the corresponding content can have a good ranking. Although the search is not popular keywords, but the coverage rate is large enough, can also bring a lot of transformation, and the transformation of the long tail word rate is relatively high.

2012 June, Shanghai love began to increase efforts to crack down on Shanghai Longfeng, especially for the medical website, behind the launch of a series of algorithm is also the medical site was the most severe blow. There are several medical Shanghai dragon friends, are unable to bear the blow and turns left the industry. The medical industry is one of the most crazy network marketing industry, competition has almost reached saturation. Many people think that the medical Shanghai dragon very difficult, on the one hand because the medical industry is more sensitive to love Shanghai or other search engines I stare too tight, on the other hand is too fierce competition, the same brand word has multiple sites of competition. A lot of people do, feel the hair of the chain, general

the second medical website of Shanghai Longfeng have instant marketing more. In fact, this instant marketing has from pure Shanghai dragon far. The real-time marketing mainly includes the source of news, micro-blog, the new station bombing. The news source is a kind of marketing means love Shanghai K station after the rise, some of the weight of high news or information websites provide soft release platform, as long as one can be effective, popular word can also be relatively easy to get good rankings, if the quality is good enough, ranking also can continue for a long period of time. It is a very common medical websites do this "free rider" type of marketing. The other is by micro-blog, WeChat and other means of real-time marketing, transformation through the cultivation of customers, which is an extension of the traditional Shanghai dragon. Finally, we must mention is the railway station bombing. Medical websites are often in order to win, including the number of sites, a person can have several sites, a dead and another patch. Especially love Shanghai to intensify the crackdown of.

original basic means are not what effect. Then, the Shanghai Dragon Medical is not used? In fact, Shanghai dragon medical or useful, but due to various reasons, not to use the general means of operation. The medical industry of Shanghai dragon is moving in two directions of development: one is the long tail word extension, the other one is real-time marketing.

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