Love Haifa nervous Shanghai dragon ER in the future how to walk along the road

we have a client’s website, I do more than a month with conventional optimization methods, the weight increased from 0 to 1, ranked by 100 members outside the row to love Shanghai second, as shown below:


this is the first of a new site in the website to collect content rarely, there is no use of the technique of cheating, we normally do outside the chain, so it was not love the Shanghai attack. It seems love Haifa nerves are not recklessly, at least.

since the last love Shanghai twice on our website K later, after ranking fell to one hundred, there is no way we had to use love to do the Shanghai promotion ranking. For three days we included the site every day from the original 1400 helicopter to 3800, and also ranked directly on the home page. By Friday, we accidentally discovered the site Domain and returned to normal in A5 webmaster tools can query to our website ranking. From the point of view of these circumstances, Shanghai love promotion or quite helpful. As shown below, our July 6th website Domain query.

in fact from his words we can draw, the future of Shanghai dragon will be more and more fine, the future will go vertical, the road of enterprise. Then Shanghai dragon Er are also close to the operation of the group will. The future of personal development will be more and more difficult……


but our website weekend good times don’t last long, suspended for two days without having sex in Shanghai promotion, the results of our website ranking also fell to one hundred outside and Domain query is not in the home page of our website. In this two days we had no internal structure of website construction did not collect relevant content on our website, so you can be sure that we are not likely to cheat, but love Shanghai why once again to our website K? According to my analysis is: love Haifa nerve like! Shown below, Domain query our website today.


love the face of Shanghai for two times to send "nerve", let the Shanghai dragon Er future way? Shanghai dragon circles only once for the future development of Shanghai dragon is to say:


loves Shanghai be the most changeful let us puzzled, let us do anything. Really should be a sentence "hard to go back decades before the reform and opening up, we should know, Shanghai dragon Er work actually very bitter but is not to make money, but I think it is tempered, you only have to keep learning, continue to surpass themselves, then you are likely to become a qualified Shanghai Dragon er.

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