Shanghai dragon embarrassed exit joking injury to be broken

we may feel very strange, what is the relationship between Shanghai and the Dragon mentality! Here I explain simple, just on the surface is to write website ranking, in order to flow, yes, I do not deny this point. "The mentality of the decision behavior". If we just want to show to the website search engine, while ignoring the real needs and feelings of the user, so I want to do this station also will be very tired, not simply abstract to the fun. On the other hand, even in the treatment of a rookie Webmaster Station time to "user experience" as the premise, not thinking of how to make the station to do more in line with user access, but only to Shanghai dragon and the chain for the emperor of the so-called love with Shanghai practice, adjust the K garbage station "principle, I believe those who stand on the picture, not far away, after all, the search engine ranking finally according to user experience for reference.

, Shanghai dragon, light from the technology, then write a day to write do not play, but from the Shanghai dragon soft release or the value of the rankings, Zhu Weikun again today to talk about the views, hope that more Shanghai dragon, to safeguard the market.

, a station as his lover, as their baby, to care for her care and well-being, let him grow up, this is valuable in years.

original content: the intentions to write every article, do not adhere to the collection, such as:

In fact, In fact,

, do Shanghai dragon, let Shanghai dragon real show

this picture, I search Shanghai dragon, and then see the contents inside, simply to send the chain and hair, basically either go to the A5 station network reproduced, or is the Internet blind acquisition, so put all sorts of things together out of the article! Article, can the news source, really hurt do Shanghai Dragon man!

recently, the love of Shanghai has been adjusted, everybody is the webmaster, will be on some of the understanding, and today I tell you to do is to carefully treat each station, station, Shanghai is also to love not flighty and impetuous! After 10 years of training, it has become today! So, the webmaster. Need to have a good attitude, a good attitude, what is good.

why Shanghai dragon Er each to a place to post, have become the place for people in the eyes of the water from the source of the News advertising posts? Donews column, you can see large quantities of water are in order to make a post, ranking Shanghai dragon, ran a to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. Certainly not for a long time. Recently eliminated a bunch of them! However, we see that there are more sources of news release the soft place, so many want to see the new Shanghai Dragon technology exchange does not exist in the post, you can see the picture below:

two, Shanghai dragon ranking criterion


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