Shanghai dragon how to analyze competitor website

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3, check whether competitors have use bold, italics to highlight relevant keywords, if not, well we found a place to win, we only need to adjust these places, our chances are big step.

5, check whether competitors using H1 tags, the H1 tag is actually a title, then the search engine will be the title as the core keywords and reference, with echoes of TITLE, then the search engine will soon find your core keywords, which is for our key word ranking is very important, so if competition the opponent did not do it well, we have found a breakthrough point beyond the competitors.

2, see TITLE, TITILE design can be said to be very important, I believe that everyone in the search for something, we can find that the search results in the inside of the title include our search engine related keywords, so this point for us is very important, so according to the things we learned a little, you remember, a new one to two key words is the core of the TITLE, in front of more weight is higher, so we can use it to win.

when we get a Shanghai Longfeng project to plan, including the type of site, site layout, web link structure and so on a series of analysis, the last is the key of planning, this step is very important, imagine your key words planning is not in place even if will not get good rankings a lot of traffic, so this step is very important, when do what we want to do keyword strategy? It is ranked how we can do better than competitors, then today we share if beyond the competitors, make our website rank better, now reluctant to share.

4, Links view state of the other, of course Links there is a lot of stress, this part according to the front of us learned to view each other carefully, then how can we quickly get the PR value.

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file normally we will open our competitors, see the other side of some of the code, and then find the keywords we rival, to witness analysis, analysis of what? Now we run list:

1, see the web site LOGO is using ALT tags, the ALT tag is of course the keywords of our site, here don’t write more words, just need to write one of the most important keywords, because the first local search engine on our website to see, so it is quite important, if competitors’websites did not write, so we pass this would prevail.

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