The basic routine in Shanghai Longfeng master write high quality articles

yes, this is most of the owners are quite a headache thing, what method can quickly and easily write a good article? Of course! Shanghai Dragon Master write good articles have certain routines and rules, even if your writing level is very low, as long as according to these routines, write the article also at least in the middle level. However, the odd billion network Xiaobian before the routine, to the quality first the definition in the Shanghai dragon, usually high quality articles are displayed on the original view of something according to their understanding and re combing the others out of the ordinary of the original article is regarded as good articles. Well, after clarifying the concept of routine, it’s easy.

read these routines, you can write good articles is a step closer to it? If you feel confused, never mind, odd million small and then teach you a trick more efficient method of writing. Choose a want to express their own views and similar articles for reference, copying other people’s ideas, but don’t copy others, you can understand the content of others, with their own words, "

of writing routine, odd billion small is not mentioned in the title of the article, do not worry, do not forget the story, the title as the most important part of this article, do not rush to give the title at the time of writing, can add again in the title after the completion, after all, a good article content need an attractive title, will get more user attention and reading, thus, we can according to their own written content to the most appropriate title.

secondly, the idea of the article. Throw their views on the selected topic, the formation of the idea of writing, the basic outline of the list. For example, the article should be divided into several sections, each section of the contents of what, in the form of Small Title segmented content labeling, in case the fragment occurred in the process of writing phenomenon, write the situation does not go.

More than

said the site optimization, Shanghai dragon Er will can’t help the original link, at present, can do a good job in optimizing a website, it is closely related to the original rules and love Shanghai, therefore, write good articles is a pressing matter of the moment. However, to write original and ensure high quality every day, how many people can do



and filler content. The list of the outline is filled every paragraph of the content, through the collection of material, to understand and analyze their views, make full use of resources to enrich the content, so that the main part of the article is finished.

first, selected topic. Before the idea of an article, first select the theme, identify the goals and direction, to collect relevant information and resource extraction material, ready for writing.

finally, the article summarizes. At the end of each piece of good articles, there is a brilliantly simple summary of this point, the final don’t forget to write the article to summarize, it can often play an important role.

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