The enterprise website optimization should start

external link optimization in many ways, such as forum links, blog links, quiz links, Links, but never use mass software, the incidence of the chain go faster, and the quality is low, easy to search engine drop right. But if it is to see the optimization effect can be appropriate to buy links to improve keyword rankings in a short period of time.


in the key word, I preferred hot key words, which may have a certain degree of difficulty to the grassroots webmaster, but after the development of popular keywords on the site is very meaningful. First of all, popular can row in front of search engine, it can be other key with you, and the popular keyword flow relatively good. Secondly, select some of the keyword as auxiliary medium, long tail keywords try not to reflect the home (the long tail keywords, long tail keywords page, easy to go up, and to take effective customer).

third, website

Select the

for the enterprise website keyword ranking up is just the first step of search engine marketing, but only the first step to have the capital to do other. To optimize a corporate website should start from what? I do enterprise site optimization of some years, today we have some of their own experience to share with you.

Optimization of the internal

fourth, external link optimization

second, keyword

choose a short and easy to be remembered for the enterprise website domain name is very important, because a catchy name for a solid foundation for future product word-of-mouth (if a good domain name has been registered, you can buy others domain name); in addition, a good publicity space is also crucial first, you have to check the empty on the number of sites, there is no illegal websites, IP is search engine K and so on.

first, the good domain and stable

remove unnecessary red tape code, web design uses div+css design (i.e. code optimization purposes). After the title, keywords, description of a good location, do not arbitrarily change each change according to the circumstances, such as three weeks without a little optimization effect, or modify the website keyword unreasonable the snapshot is not under normal circumstances.

above is the enterprise to optimize the basic point, if you want to optimize a website that needs to research the technology of one step further, every day to observe the search engine changes, make the right adjustments to their own website. Please note: 贵族宝贝

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