A site in the end can optimize the number of words

C for dental doctor.

, not only for dental problems, and stomach problems, but also treat eye disease;

in the optimization of the web site, we generally, a page up to three or four keywords to optimize, should not be too much, and it is related, such as the Shanghai dragon optimization, Shanghai dragon training, Shanghai dragon service from a main keywords extending out of the long tail keywords is better. Personal recommendations, general site home page set three to four key words in the page optimization is more appropriate, for one to two more appropriate. Most of the time, customers often do may be 5 to 9 words in the home to more rank, and even some more. In fact, this site is generally difficult to get good rankings, because it is difficult to seize the key, make the search engine that you are not a professional website. Once love in search of Shanghai R & D engineers cited an example of this, we can see: in order to illustrate the problem of a professional, more ancient than the search engine to our topic: doctor. For example, if I have a toothache, how should go to see the doctor? I have only three choices:

sometimes, as long as the two or three words in the title tag and can discharge. For example, may find "website > doing keyword research

Dr. B

we know that for four or five or more keywords page optimization, often make the page content is not prominent, writing will not worry too much, naturally into so many keywords. A page if you need to optimize a lot of keywords, keyword research is often not ready, do not have the right words grouped and distributed to each column and within the page. In fact, in addition to the home page set three to four words, the other page optimization do a key words can be, the general practice is a core, expand two to three long tail, which is three to four, relatively easy to grasp the key, especially in the enterprise production site.

A doctor will not be considered. Between Dr. B and Dr. C, apparent should choose Dr. C, because he is more professional, more suitable for my illness.

A doctor, can cure eye diseases, and stomach problems;

recently bought clothes in every guest, to where the title to see, that is the "VANCL", the Internet fast fashion brand, clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, cosmetics, online shopping, cash on delivery, 30 days unconditional return "on the front page of title, from the optimization the strategy of speaking, where the customer site that title is not a good strategy. We can not see the owners of the enterprise and brand website do follow. Site traffic must not depend on where this level of Shanghai dragon, how page optimization is not so important, but most of the things is not a departure from the Shanghai dragon angle. Before also wrote an article on the website of the title keyword set on the optimization, interested friends can search.

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