Analysis of different keywords different snapshots of the problem from the point of view of Technolo

of this, believe that the Shanghai dragon people are able to understand. Each love Shanghai big update, snapshot will be some websites will rollback, how will the general correction? Correction to the last love of Shanghai and this snapshot backup, backup, most is the last love Shanghai update backup. For example, the updated correction phenomenon this time love Shanghai more obvious. Many web site snapshot back to November 9th, No. 10 and No. 11, and the last time love Shanghai update better from the beginning of November 9th, 10, a comprehensive update, the end of 11, because the snapshot back in the No. 10 special website.

1, the website home page, there will be more love Shanghai snapshot, multiple snapshot function is similar to the backup site.



Many people in Shanghai Longfeng

different keywords different snapshots of the phenomenon for a long time, before there is speculation that the Shanghai love server problems, such a long time has passed, still exists, such speculation naturally untenable.

3, the website home page, the key lies in the different snapshots of the different keywords keywords in different weights of the snapshot is different.

in Wuhan Shanghai dragon in this observation of 2 key words: snapshot snapshot, found page No. 10 words 8 times Wuhan, Shanghai dragon 19 times, and 22 page snapshot keywords Wuhan 7 times, Shanghai dragon 18, (because of different search keyword density so Wuhan >)

snapshot archive will be multiple, on the one hand, multiple backup is convenient and safe (considering the procedure), on the other hand, some website snapshot will return to the previous love Shanghai big update time up, so as to prove this point.

to come up with such a problem, it is inevitable that some blush, I did not know much about the search engine technology, just read a ZAC "network marketing", only a general understanding of the principle of search engine. Here I stand in a programmer’s perspective on this issue, put some thought and I guess to share.


through the webmaster tools to observe all have the keywords ranking snapshot (home), only 2 of the time, November 10th and November 22nd. To some extent proved the view 2 conjecture.

2, for the website, the snapshot archive will be multiple, but only released 2 snapshot.

above the site should be familiar with. You can see the 2 snapshot keywords awful network for the next snapshot, Wuhan Shanghai dragon is the last big keyword update snapshot number 10.

released the 2 snapshot time is observed, may have released multiple snapshots, but also did not see. The picture below a certain degree can prove this point.

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