Case analysis of the success of mogujie贵族宝贝 beauty operation

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and mogujie贵族宝贝 beauty from the site title was "discovered", "share" shopping community, whether two authoritative sites like will have another, whether there will be the outcome of the results? The fact is just the opposite, they are living in the search engine is very stable, the final two profit is the same, but the user location is completely different. Beautiful user groups are women, is the main user location first-tier cities young white-collar; mogujie贵族宝贝 users group is female + male user location is the main two or three line city of 90 young people. Business platform has a big blue ocean, to create a miracle in this blue ocean, there are out of the ordinary as the direction of development, innovation.

beauty in the marketing model will be more powerful than mogujie贵族宝贝, said the beautiful interactive quiz mode is very good, easy to let the website user stickiness on the site, discovery, sharing, interaction, and ultimately achieve successful marketing. Beautiful said the micro-blog social operation becomes the main source of traffic, the main user groups it is women who love the beautiful, to help them find the beautiful, to share their beautiful, then reached into.

love Lee in Shanghai said in a 2013 MADCon conference, said: "the beautiful sites such as mogujie贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon will do very well, there is no sale or exchange links, suggest that you learn how to do them, don’t just pay attention to some unfair trade." These two sites become the main entrance of Taobao traffic sources, optimization of the details of what in the operating mode? I give you the success of the operation analysis method.

Taobao guest webmaster know, mogujie贵族宝贝 beauty is the largest Taobao customers, the rapid development of the Internet in the era of e-commerce, need to have a strong brand support, user awareness of the brand is gradually strengthened. At the same time, it is self-evident importance to the importance of the enterprise brand, the brand can win a search engine, but the search engine is invincible brand strength. The two sites in the hearts of users online shopping brand marketing was very unique, authoritative brand authentication also allows users to trust, exclude search engine support also can survive very powerful.

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shopping platform products rich and colorful, the potential needs of users of products also have their own characteristics, the social media site guest site, the architecture is relatively clear, simple atmosphere, like mogujie贵族宝贝’s main colors in a candy color, at the same time, category navigation division is very delicate, can easily help users shopping. Navigation design, or classification list page, website design, website label small internal links, whether it is a spider or the user can easily browse, here is the website architecture: mogujie贵族宝贝

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