What are the common methods of website construction of the chain

short, there are many methods of the construction of the chain site, it needs to have a certain accumulation of Shanghai dragon er. We have to work through the webmaster tools to rival the chain to the site outside the chain to do some changes to their site outside the chain of recording, the chain growth also should have certain regularity.

The Is a big

soft to some local portal website, website, blog and forum released some high quality, with a unique view of the article, and leave your links at the bottom of the article. This method requires Shanghai dragon Er requires a certain language expression ability.

Links also called exchange links, this is one of the most common, the most simple way to the construction of the chain. Here we need to pay attention to Links must find some related to your website theme linked website or website to do formal links, so the effect is the best. Some websites Links is in the page to do, which is not at home to do the good effect, which we judged worthwhile exchange links with him. So looking for Links partners, many websites have added the link section, there are many exchange links of the forum, there are some links exchange QQ group, it will be quite a long time accumulation. Do note that links are included: 1. the other site. The other 2. sites Links whether add nofollow attribute cannot transfer weights and so on some unethical practices.

own website new website the chain of difficulty, we should have one or a certain PR value site, using these sites and new website links. A few months after the new web site and the weight up, you can exchange links with other sites.

buy the chain link to buy this is a gray fuzzy zone, Shanghai dragon Er can according to their own situation to decide, but note that the purchase link may be punished by a search engine.

many people do Shanghai dragon people most want to do is to the construction site outside the chain, this is a very difficult thing for a new website, this is no way to a website optimization, but also must be to do a step. The Yangzhou Shanghai dragon will introduce several construction of Shanghai Longfeng outside the chain of several common methods.

blog and Forum blog here is an independent domain name blog, and free blog platform is not the third party. Now blog everywhere, the blog also built one of the chain is relatively easy to place. The blog can exchange Links, comment on each other, mutual reference and so on, some blog you can leave a link in the comments.

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