Must have to do a good job of website operation planning to do before the Shanghai Dragon


The ultimate goal and objectives of

three, improve the site experience and brand

, a website operation purpose and target

operations planning often talk about events, but do you really understand? If you know, please don’t look down. For a web site is just set up, we have identified the direction of the site. Operational planning: including the operation purpose, operation direction, profit time, user group, the ultimate goal. This is our webmaster how to do the site operations planning will make the event. No matter what you do, including the station has to search engine is to improve the core value or the user is to improve the user experience. Then we site several categories, then confirm what your site’s purpose, such as the product website to sell products for the purpose of profit, this is the product website.

two, which is the

content of the site is loyal users, the search engine or the user when the ultimate goal, then its flow and weight is more and more high, the social network service website, registered users is the ultimate value of its purpose, it is to your registered user platform, such as Sina now micro-blog and micro-blog Tencent, they to the number of registered users for the purpose of reaching a certain profit, so as to lock users. First, it is the position of the United States Facebook users, the social networking site on the typical user lock core value. The electronic commerce website, sell, sell to their customers which is its ultimate goal, so that no matter what the station, then we must first confirm your website operation goals and objectives.


Some owners believe that this is the website of

is for the website user experience effect, but also the user for the website satisfaction evaluation, then the search engine is an experience, if the users are not satisfied with the site, not to mention the spider experience, we can put the spider as an ordinary person. It is beautiful and clean from the web page, for information website or corporate website. Improve the site brand effect let users better understand the website background, such as getting a "about us" navigation on the site, like A5, as shown in figure

user group

everyone to the website, we use tools to analyze traffic. For example, website bounce rate, it should not be a website users love. Webmaster want to write some original content or allow users to attract more articles, these are very good. The product website and the turnover rate, also called the conversion rate, because the conversion rate is high, that your website is to attract customers, the money will earn more, especially the content to meet the public taste, which can use the tool to see. The Shanghai dragon webmaster first make sure your users are, it is very necessary.

users from the picture very clearly know what is the website A5, A5 background.

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