Methods eight hundred let new fast included


2, website content to be high quality, we will update the daily fixed number of articles and send some chain to tell the search engine to our website launched on the front line, caused the attention of search engines, on the line after the update some articles and the chain to attract the search engines to crawl. When the spider to climb up to take the site, if it is found that the quality of website content is very low, not what nutrition, may even a spider soy sauce did not play back, not to mention the website. So try to keep the original content, don’t send collected articles, at least pseudo original, let the spider have something to take away.

I have some experience in attracting spiders in Shanghai dragon A5, WHY and other large soft forum, have a special section to attract a spider, 11:00 to 00:30 in the evening time, publish original text, add your links or keywords in the above link to attract spiders to watch, to speed up the love of Shanghai, the basic 2 days baby and noble love Shanghai will be included, of course premise is your website content quality is good, otherwise the spider attracted no use.

3, the site layout should be clear, do not have redundant code, especially the web site do not appear FLASH or JS, CSS code, search engine spiders cannot recognize text in FLASH, the search engine will cause resentment, so try to delete. Website template itself with some useless scripts and code to delete, search engine to leave a good impression is very important.

1, generally speaking, in the web site before the online we will write robots.txt file to shield the spider to grab some should not let the search engine grab things, robots.txt files to search engine is equivalent to a map, the spider to climb up to take the site, is the first to look at the contents of the robots.txt file, according to the content. Determine the crawl range, is very important for the website, so we must pay attention to the writing of the robots.txt file, if the spider misunderstood robots.txt file, may completely ignore your web site.

since the previous love Shanghai, noble baby update algorithm, the new general 1,2 weeks is enough to be included in the search engine, but there are still many new sites are not included. Especially the new beginning to do a lot of things, some people just began to stand, careless, accidentally forget which details or do some search engines do not love things are likely to lead to a web site is not included, but was not included in looking after the problem is generally in the direction of look, little attention to some details, or on the search engines do not understand, do not know the search engine’s preferences, wrong also don’t know where to go wrong, did not have to change, it’s very stressful, so some of the details of new sites is easy to be defeated. I handled a number of websites, the station is not indexed by search engines and some experience, is here to share with you.

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