n order to protect the site steadily do not repeat

some of the sites did not set up 404 pages, 404 pages of spider is friendly, giving users a reminder, if you delete this page instead of setting 404 or set wrong, so in this page spider there still exists, to be included.

now the search engines love Shanghai very much the value of the user experience, this article is for users to find the valuable content, so the original must be high, if your site is a collection of the more simple pseudo original website, that included rather less, but also to increase the original content. The content of the fixed column can immediately call, to avoid duplicate content pages. I want to say the remaining two everyone will know, is the title, keywords, description of each page need not the same, whether using rule settings or manually modify, not the same, the 404 must be set up, to prevent search engines dead link. By Yue Fen technology www.52lefen贵族宝贝/wangzhanjianshezhishi/ original editor.

some webmaster asked, since the content repetition phenomenon so much, then how to detect? Detection is very simple, many webmaster in write text, copy the words in their soft inside, put in love inside the Shanghai search, the emergence of a large number of the scarlet letter, also is that we always say this rosy this means that the repeatability is very high. Of course, you can also use title:+ to find the title of the article, the same article. Or you can use the tool to judge the similarity of some similar pages, general similarity to handle 80%.

also has such a number of sites, most of the pictures, text and pictures of the little URL point to the same address, this website when the spider is hard to guarantee will not repeat collection. Moreover repetitive website plate the plate inside the content is never updated, or each column of the article is the same, this page will be a high degree of repetition.

detection method

solve duplicate content

when there is a lot of a URL, regardless of whether the article is original, but love Shanghai will still be punished. If you are collecting station, so you need to be careful, duplicate the contents of the website can be regarded as acquisition station to dispose of them, a few days ago, Shanghai launched the green love algorithm is the professional hit acquisition station.

web content and Internet content in the website is too large, the repetition is in love with the sea K station, one of the important reasons right down. Many new owners do not know what is the content of the website is not to repeat repeat, personally feel that only refers to one or two articles to repeat, there should be other aspects.

The similarity of

An article in


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