The causes and treatment methods of the site right down

(2) title, description, batch change website template by site search ranking and flow of small changes.


two, right down the website

(5) improve the quality of content, for the normal maintenance of the website.

analysis: search engine algorithm of constant adjustment, all website data are also in the change, the keyword ranking was up and down, as long as the amplitude, are all normal.

analysis: the number of pages included to bring traffic unchanged, other changes do not have to worry too much, may be the search engine algorithm changes or ventilation, other sites can see.

, 1 station reason

in Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, the site was down the right situation is very common, because when the first need to analyze the site to drop down the right, and then carry out specific treatment, today I will give you a detailed introduction of specific causes and treatment methods of the site right down.

analysis: changes in some important factors and rankings, ranking will certainly have fluctuation.

analysis: small amplitude change is a normal phenomenon, not flow down a little is right down, l point is right, Shanghai dragon without excessive to own gold, do not blindly blame.

1, may not be right down

(5) without any abnormal operation, to a certain extent the change of search traffic.

summary: as long as the search flow changes little, it is not necessarily be right down.

(1) site is not in the first place, domain is not the first home page, site the number of results and the index greatly increase or decrease.

(4) web search traffic is greatly reduced.

(1) the server is not stable, leading to the site can not be opened or the packet loss rate is too high.

(3) were plucked to only home.

(1) sites included in the index, ranking all normal, but.

search traffic usually sharp decline and ranking dropped, can be identified as being right down.

(2) > station

(4) old content rankings included normal, new content crawls not included.

, determine whether the site right down

(2) page is included, but the title contains features keyword search, no ranking.

Cause analysis of

2, to determine the site is down right

analysis: analysis of spiders to crawl log is normal, whether to check the website structure and program error, check whether spider can be normal to extract content.

(3) some keywords ranking drop, but the whole website search traffic without big changes.

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