To enhance the core keyword ranking to avoid misunderstanding the five strategies to master

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: first to build several web sites, each site is responsible for one of the few words, if a web site keywords carrying too much, one will lead to a site failure, all the words will be on the other hand, The whole army was wiped out., website content is too scattered, is not conducive to the website optimization, so through the break up the whole into parts method can effectively disperse risks and facilitate the concentrated fire attack one! This relatively breakthrough website core keywords ranking will be much easier to


when the site after the core keyword is stable, the next step is to gradually enrich the content of the website, as much as possible to write text content, but also the core and key words, so it can increase the possibility of web search engines, and content capture more weight, there will be a corresponding website more slowly, you the website ranking will gradually rise, in addition to the construction of website, must adhere to the regularity and quality, only do these two points to ensure the success of

website will relate to the site’s ranking, the ranking cannot do without the search engine optimization, many webmaster love shortcuts, hope to be able to quickly the site’s ranking will rise, can the black chain advertising on the Internet to see love from the shortcut of the webmaster demand is huge, but the author that it all went wrong website ranking, especially for the regular site, if the core keywords into the black hat method to improve the ranking, it means entering a road of no return! In addition to the core keywords black hat rankings method, what is the correct core keyword rankings the strategy? Whether the need to seriously study all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology, whether to update each concern love Shanghai, in fact, if it too seriously Some content, misunderstandings often into trifles, in fact, if you want to do the core keywords ranking, as long as careful understanding of search engine optimization guide for Shanghai love can be, the following is a summary of the author’s five correct strategies do five core keywords ranking

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two: the site before construction, we should carefully choose the key words, once selected, will not easily change, especially after the line on the website, if the website keywords frequently, it is easy to cause the search engine to the wrong judgment on your website, you will always think of the site has not been finalized, but also in just the debugging stage, so they put such frequent changes into your own web site keywords sandbox, inspect, this will not be conducive to the optimization of the website

three: every day in their own industry website inside, release some of the core keywords related content, to add hyperlinks on your own web site in the content inside, in addition to publish relevant content in these high weight industry website, but also a day to choose several different forum signature or reply, and every day in the Q & a platform to publish quiz content, of course this is some of the chain method, but it is now the most.

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