The long tail is a three point clear clear tail

is a long term long tail keywords, long tail keywords word is called a few words saying that combination could find what you want to have digital limited. The long tail is any combination of their negative?. Is looking for something according to user habits, want to find their own, accurate, according to the search engine’s own words, the competition is small, but bring the flow of words. The long tail word is a concept, is a more accurate user. The search term limit more, with the contents of the user to find more relevant.

3, use the long tail keywords reflect

of long tail keywords, how do you know?. He is definitely not the long tail keywords, through quantitative analysis, grasp the user’s habits, grasp the user psychology, and in accordance with the principle of search engine, expand the content through the long tail angle.

? where?


depilatory cream. Will you search for "mole ointment" search "or what" mole mole ointment "ointment what the price is right"? Obviously meet the demand of the user is stronger, the easier it is to bring the user. Furthermore, the user experience degrees. "More than two weeks mole mole sister", grasp the user psychology. To find the mole products, mostly to solve problems.

2, where the long tail keywords for the starting point

these words built directly in the root directory column down, first to make the website structure more clear, the second is the weight column with sense point of view is a little higher than the content of the page.

What is the two



everyone with rotten love Shanghai love Shanghai related drop-down box, search, long tail keywords mining tools, reasoning method. According to the different keywords position, not a choice. With different methods, to explore the competition is small, the flow of words. Through these methods, combined with the user habits. According to the search far to write. This is the key to choose long tail keywords.

1, the long tail keywords from

The true meaning of

generally, most of the long tail keywords over the user is through the combination of multiple keyword search over the customer quality compared with relatively good, although traffic is not the amount of words than pan, but this is the long tail keywords extensibility, strong pertinence, allowing users to precision, easy conversion.

For example, you want to find

as a content page, we use the tools in some key, we can known in this expansion, expansion has 2 advantages, continue to get more long tail keywords, then enhance the relevance of the website. Often the user through the long tail keywords into the site, not the home page, but these keywords the content page, this is the so-called reflected bring users. Page is not good ranking, but the competition of small tail will enjoy the favor of search engine. This is why the long tail property show in the competition is not very intense, but not at small flow.

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