To speed up the visit speed of website Yslow optimization limit


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Yslow is a YAHOO "scoring system, a detailed list of parameters affecting the page loading speed, there is no more to say.



I think the web optimization is mainly divided into two categories, one is called soft and hard optimization optimization. Software optimization mainly includes: the server and the browser cache class local cache, the optimization is mainly on the changes in parameter settings. Hard optimization includes: transmission line, CDN, the number of HTTP requests, bandwidth and other infrastructure projects.

if you need to use the pictures, the background pictures all together in a file (with the Photoshop synthesis, call the background image with background:url (all.png) no-repeat PX few a few PX; to control the background position)

The use of

I’ve been referring to Yslow blog optimization, after a long time study is harvested, beau YslowV2 score reached 94 points (I!), if for the blog web site is more standard for evaluation can reach out.

below the Little Bo new refresh picture, obtained by the following article:

is simply a long queue, orange JS, blue HTML, green CSS, purple IMG, although more than a second response, but the final loading time is 9 seconds.

CSS all together in a file (copy and paste it on the line)

web page loading, each file is a HTTP request, including HTML, JS, CSS, pictures etc.. In each file will need DNS query (negligible), to establish a connection, send the request (negligible), waiting for a reply, download files, a total of 5 steps, documents are loaded, time is increased, the more the longer documents.


I would sum up all power optimization methods, to share to you.

in the face of such ", we need to do is:

, Make fewer HTTP requests (to reduce the number of HTTP requests)


I look at the following


‘s small blog mainly can do, but I want to introduce the mainly soft optimization.

images as little as possible in the

framework can get rid of the "go, each frame of" to open a web page.

JS all together in a file (copy and paste it on the line)

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