Chen Xiaohuan the common site of love Shanghai included problems and Solutions

when the corporate website first, there is a new station: Nanjing decoration construction team, the domain name is贵族宝贝, is now in the top. Build a day on the night included, and the second day Shanghai first love immediately. So the website construction and structure is very important for the love of Shanghai included.

Many webmaster for

for new sites included problems.

how to solve?1

2 do not use the frame structure and the JS jump, the use of HTML language.

5 the appropriate original articles and pseudo original combination. The site within the original, must be related to the original article, for example we do website optimization, you can start a stock, it is wide of the mark.

love Shanghai problems included a headache, especially some novice webmaster, when building a new website, they hope the day was love Shanghai website included, the next day will be able to reach the first page love Shanghai in the top three, and this is their goal. But easier said than done? After the example certification, only with the search engine habits of web pages, websites, forums, blog will be more easily included love Shanghai. Below we will be down from the railway station, power station, K station and the old station were about how to solve site problems included love Shanghai.

For the two

included new sites, is actually very simple, why some new sites included is faster, some new sites included more slowly? Is a part of the webmaster to quickly make their websites were included to love Shanghai, love Shanghai "initiative to submit the center will submit home page, and do the full introduction of some spiders love Shanghai work, such as the structure of the home page page content, and adequate quantity and website internal link structure, it is easy for search engine spiders crawling.

drop right station and the station was K included.

love Shanghai included, as the name suggests, is in love with a grasp of the site related to sea spider, and will meet the requirements of the "send love Shanghai to a love Shanghai server.

3 the appropriate chain guide crawling spider web love Shanghai, let the search engines crawl the site better.

Remember to give me a As for the

drop right site included problems, need to find the reasons, such as its website source, it would need to modify the source code of the website.

drop right site generally have several common situation, some drop right station site home page is not the first, but some stand directly by drop right home page, can not find a snapshot of the home page, and part of the site is included is 1, it only included the website homepage. We need to solve the general is the situation of the station. In these cases we

6 K station, in addition to the > method

4 IIS to view the log log, if the feedback from the love Shanghai spiders crawl is normal, from normal included is not far away.

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