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has become so important to the grasp of the trend that the "beacon" of the head echelon is self-evident. Since last June, the second month will release the popular original short video UGC list at the beginning of February 2017, the first list released, careful people can see a short video in the new year a few important variables: for example, "Papi sauce" is through the MCN transition to obtain greater possibility, "love gossip grow the association is with the strong interaction and all the fans to expand capacity, complete self iteration.

‘Papi sauce’ ranks 280 million on month third, while the list has more than 200 million creators in 11 months.

lateral expansion super IP hatch "trumpet"

more important, maybe a short video on the vertical field continue to rise if the 2016 "Pan entertainment" occupy a more short video of the user’s mind, so in 2017, the breakthrough of different segments will be the main tone of short video industry.

just left the near 2016, China’s short video industry is a year of great momentum, and more optimistic judgment is that it is also the next round of the eve of the outbreak of greater.


, for example, in the gourmet list, "magic food" to 230 million hits the summit; in the fashion list, "Jun Pingda devil" captured a large number of fans hearts, topped the list.

‘s "love gossip growth Association" featured 430 million in the month and second in

dimension compared to graphic content monotonous, the video itself is a three-dimensional and more "IP" of the media state; and in contrast to the traditional video on the website of the content of work, because it can be embedded into the user every day each fragment of leisure time, a short video in the creation and dissemination of all more light – the new year, there will be more in homogeneity in the text on the content of entrepreneurs to short video.

as you know, a short video flame originated in 2013 started a prairie fire in 2016.

— and the superposition of IP attribute content are more susceptible to specialization, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

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can be seen from the original list data:

list to let investors see a short video market potential, but in my opinion, because — and the superposition of IP attributes are more likely to have a professional, but the vertical field has stronger bargaining and liquidity, rational capital may be more inclined to the vertical project.

Abstract: due to the

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Although the launch of

"two more video" continued in the short video industry’s leading momentum, with 560 million months to play the first place;

conquest advertising alliance 1001zf

The this event has officially started since October 27, 2007,

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