This year 90% of incubators will die because entrepreneurs can’t keep up with quality Part oneAdver



is the depth of advertising words appear, "there is a meal of no embarrassment, there is no one place of wandering, when there is advertising, advertising without the lonely" will be a nightmare never happen?

many people think that national entrepreneurship will make a lot of people to start their business, and then two worries, the first is no one to do things at ease, and the second is that after the failure of entrepreneurship, many people will fall into poverty crisis. In fact, on the second, I have seen a lot, how to say, I am not very encouraging the so-called no bottom line business, no margin of safety risk is very high, and often do not, most of the debt business people, the results are not good, do not believe the so-called fight to win or die now, this old story.

from this perspective, entrepreneurship is the best way to force oneself to grow, a successful business people, in fact, back to the end, we will find that people actually EQ are quite high, because the venture on the road to eat a lot of pain, also must eat a lot of losses, can, become very high. With high EQ people together, you will be very happy.


alliance long webmaster are very clear about one thing, that is the webmaster of income all seems to see alliance’s face, frequent change on the offline advertising alliance code, the server is not stable, or many other reasons will affect the objective of stationmaster income greatly. This promise guarantee activities is undoubtedly the webmaster security lay a good tonic. In particular, "during the test will be paid in accordance with the Commission of 120%", but also attracted many owners have onlookers.

for a moment, Lenovo to a few years ago, Ali mother’s "three packs" plan: "package proceeds, package recommendations, package payments."". If not return, and what alliance do? Webmaster data there are flaws, of course to compensate! Originally this "package recommended" have a desirable meaning, but not a tough attitude to support the station, "recommended" two words is too weak, is only "recommended", only "recommended"…… Another piece of talk,

actually, anything that comes to an end will die.

has a high risk of entrepreneurship without security margins,

double popular, now the country began to fall into the national entrepreneurial pattern, there are a lot of people attacked, afraid in the final will be a feather pattern, this is actually a precedent, sports culture, will always fall into the not so good in all kinds of situation, I also attacked not less, but always as before with the government’s not the same, I agree that this is the very rare, this highly innovative public business of the slogan.

however, the owners signed plan "seems to be in order to protect the interests of the webmaster webmaster, maintain proper income, but if it is not often a barometer of the advertising alliance, not frequent on the line, the server has been stabilized, stationmaster income or in accordance with the normal billing. So, the so-called Adsense signing plan, the so-called web site "Nurturing", is not a paper empty talk, meaningless show?

recently launched the "depth of advertising alliance webmaster contract plan", and was dubbed "Nurturing" website plan, all of a sudden a ripple, attracted much attention.

What is the webmaster Anything can be used in

, behind the success you see, >

however, "master contract plan" is considered to be the show really accurate? Stable server to the real situation, China Internet advertising alliance advertising code at present, stable, adequate advertising network alliance only sh419, shlf1314. So, if your alliance really exists, how often does it get offline? Then, if your coalition really does have a server crash, then the fact that revenues are falling dramatically is really there. Whether you will also bitterly say: "I am a webmaster, I am eager to have a fixed income, there is a stable alliance, there is a suitable advertising."." Ha ha, sad, Zai Zai,

for example, is that the case is the case, why do we say to Comrade Lei Feng, it means that Lei Feng is too little, almost is the case, the case can not be deduced.

may of course with my own multiple serial entrepreneur relationship, these ten years, I have been in torment, success and failure, the greatest feeling is that people live a lifetime, have sth something, even if this is not last without a single success, negative youth, flying against the wind.


contract plan? According to the alliance project page, hanged in the advertising alliance of advertisement, with the signing of the site under income contract, the advertising alliance will lose money subsidies income deficiency minimum guarantee amount to the webmaster. Even more surprising is that, as long as the audit through the test period, even without signing successful, also promised to pay 120% commission to the webmaster!

Abstract: in fact, I don’t feel too will, in general, I feel that entrepreneurship is a trait, not a lot of people have the most, even if you are forced to beg, go, they would not go, that is a rooted in the hearts of the restless heart, most the people do not have.

so it’s a pity to look back on this life before you die, if you don’t leave any memories for yourself. In fact, entrepreneurship is the best way to show a different point of life. I also do this several years of investment, investment in many people, there are also many failures, a lot of success, but most of them will say a word with me, do poineering work one year learned, than the previous decades have learned to.


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