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with the continuous development of the platform, cargo pocket for the seller to provide services, in the original international express and electricity supplier packet on the basis of an increase of FBA. "From 2016 data, FBA really occupy a lot of body mass, this year we will still focus on electricity suppliers, small packets and FBA."."

today, a one-stop cross-border logistics platform goods bag hunting cloud network reported exclusively to hunting cloud network revealed that the platform has completed nearly ten million pre-A round of financing in the capital last year, with the cast lead Road, amoeba.

2, there are foreign collection address, if not, although theoretically, as long as you stand cattle B, Chinese address is no problem, the question is if you have cattle B station, you still need to be trained


1, English has a certain level, read the article in addition to translation words need dictionary, should be little problem.

from the product form to see, cargo pocket is currently based on the PC side, supplemented by APP. "APP" role is to allow users to view the price changes, real-time tracking of logistics information and convenient payment."

logistics service itself is a non standardized process, but the goods want to pass the following two aspects of the process as far as possible standards: first, strict assessment of supplier qualification, and two is the logistics of products. The so-called "product logistics" is the concept of "inside out", mainly reflected in the design of products, through technical means to realize the whole process of logistics visualization.

when you’re ready to finish these things, in the next chapter, tell the basic English trash stand to do shlf1314 Adsense. Here, by the way, many people say that it is difficult to apply shlf1314 Adsense, here I say a simple sentence, when you know that can solve the foreign address collection method, and then use SKYPE can resolve the phone to confirm the PIN code, shlf1314 ADSENSE almost you want to apply for the number of how many can apply to.

for the future development strategy, Mora also revealed to us, the next phase of the bag will focus on the service provider packet, through intelligent matching algorithm for cross-border sellers to provide the best solution. In addition, the platform will provide value-added services for the medium and large sellers in finance, insurance and other aspects.

also puts the online resources into the construction of the logistics service facilities and service system under the line, and helps the target customers to solve the logistics requirements of various orders with low cost and high efficiency. Since its inception in 2015, the platform has exported more than 5000 cross-border buyers.

from the beginning of this chapter, I will use another way to teach you how to do some foreign things, a lot of people see others with hundreds of thousands of dollars for a check, envy, and want to go to the master, in fact, to see how some people do not see the level of training, he received much of his income checks. Has nothing to do with you, you need to see his students how income.

condition two, go to the forum to find collection, the current service to do more people, pay attention to the next look at the credibility of the person and the employment time.

partner Mora introduced to us, "cargo pocket" has now integrated international express, postal more than 50 high-quality logistics service provider resources. All service providers are required to pass a period of three months assessment, the team will be based on service providers during the assessment, service quality, ability level, and credit status and other aspects of comprehensive screening.

as a cross-border logistics depth integration service providers, cargo pocket integration of cross-border logistics resources using the Internet platform. Based on the SaaS cloud platform, docking the major cross-border electricity supplier platform and cross-border logistics service providers system, for small and medium cross-border sellers from parity, order to pay, tracking the entire process of online logistics services.

bags, existing team more than 30 >

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At the same time,

first of all, you must have the following conditions:

3, a foreign telephone, now more and more union need this is very important for the novice, for veteran, can do some do not need to call the application of the company, such as CJ, but the veteran would never tell you that the advertising.


conditions three, go find someone to help you on behalf of the phone, and prepare their own SKYPE phone, this thing in the country is more necessary.


is a cross platform logistics platform dedicated to helping people improve the efficiency of sending parts. They can recommend the best solution for the users according to the requirements of the goods received, the basic information and the time limit of the goods.

sometimes, I wonder whether the environment is now want instant success, some recent training is relatively hot, in fact I don’t think so, why don’t I not because I don’t have the ability to engage in training training, is now almost no threshold, what people can achieve to beg.

conditions, a solution, and their hard to learn a foreign language, do not understand, no one can teach you, of course, you can ask for translation.


at the same time, you need to have at least 10 domains, as well as a virtual host that supports multiple domains or more than one foreign country.



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